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Choosing a Transition Coach

When looking for a great and compatible coach!  We suggest the following characteristics and attributes; which our clients repeatedly have told us we and our unique program possesses: Confidentiality during and after coaching Objectivity Impartiality: Ability to be at “Arm’s Length” Positive, not wishful thinking Creativity Originality Clarity Constructive, never negative Critical honesty Human, actually […]

Editorial Thoughts

Transition Job loss is painful, we all know the feeling. We know the hurt, anger, and the almost immediate need for healing. We question our talent, value, place, and even our identity. We think we have become invisible, a wraith, a nonentity. It is not true; no company can take who and what we are […]

When to leave

When to Leave a Job There really are good reasons to leave a job, even in a bad economy: When conditions, product, market, management and/or co-workers become intolerable. See the list below. Although not extensive, it is reflective of severe problems at work. Ø  When the company plays with your compensation or quota program often. Ø  When […]


Volunteer Work Option This is sent via regular mail only to the C level. This new note is designed to be sent directly to the C level that you have contacted before and not heard from yet. Make an offer to him/her about your willingness to “prove” your potential. It is designed simply to get you […]

Buyer’s Remorse: Sample

Congratulations on your new job! As always, just before you start, we give the customary cautions—here is the last one. Enjoy your new position and especially appreciate the work it took you to get there. Bruce S. Dreyfus Managing Partner “get THAT NEXT job!” Buyer’s Remorse This is a really peculiar discussion to have at […]

Water Walker:

Water Walker    Thoughts from an old recruiter. Especially written for those candidates 35-65.  Water walking is finished. Hiring authorities are no longer seeking them. This page was originally written back in 2003 and was been updated in 2019. I was sarcastically celebrating the fact that I no longer was getting requests for water walkers […]

Find a Professional Job

Find a professional job within 10 weeks! This is not an idle promise; it is a proven strategy. Executives, managers, specialized professions—anyone with five years of experience—will get noticed, get interviewed and be in a position to negotiate from strength. Get a proven process, not just tips on how to find a professional job.     […]


You know the expression, a word to the ……. gee, I forgot the rest. Please fill it in for yourself.