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Bruce S. Dreyfus, Founder & Managing Partner

Bruce has spent the last 36 years working in the talent acquisition arena, outplacement, recruiting, career planning and last 16 years as a transition coach. His prior professional career encompassed several distinct-yet-related career paths: teaching, sales, sales training/sales management and small-business consulting. He has worked as an outplacement consultant, recruiter, sales and recruiting manager, business consultant and vice president of sales in three different industries before starting Transition Compass in 2002.

He is also the author of various articles on sales, management, and de-hiring, and he has also been quoted in various newsletters, periodicals, and newspapers. His book has been received well by the coaching and outplacement community. Bruce also writes for several websites as well as for his own website: He is also a sought-after motivational speaker on all topics having to do with transition.

Bruce holds a B.S. Ed. and M. Ed. in Administration. Bruce taught English and social sciences for several years before embarking on a successful sales and coaching career. He has also earned a certificate as a Certified Outplacement Consultant and Coach. As a former sales professional, Bruce understands how to get you noticed, interviewed and, more importantly, how to help his candidates negotiate the best compensation package for themselves while securing that next job.

Bruce’s philosophy—his basic mission statement as a Transition Methodology Coach—is “results, not just another transition concern.”

“Candidates, not merely resumes” sums up his vision of coaching, mentoring and consulting in his 21st-century transition system. His step-by-step marketing approach for candidates, using his Personal Marketing Strategy Program©, helps get his candidates noticed in today’s highly competitive job search environment. Do you want to “walk on water or do you want to carry a life jacket?” His system is that life jacket.

We offer a free service to all Northeastern University Alums. Please check under products! We especially excel in those Alums who are in Transition and are 35-65.

Call Bruce at 404-348-0429.

Patricia Bursten, President & Senior Educational Transition Consultant    678-943-8491

GTNJ is very pleased to announce that former educator Patricia Bursten is joining the practice as an educational consultant. Pat has a vast experience in both the public and private sector of education, with more than 30 years of classroom experience. Her certifications alone would take a page to list; needless to say, she understands both the public and private school environment and can help you maneuver the maze of getting noticed in the educational setting, which will allow you to “get THAT NEXT job.” If you are seeking a job or career in education, Pat can get you there.

Pat can also help you to define a clear path to accomplish your goals. Her interviewing skills are superb, and as a former teacher has developed the patience of a saint. She can help you find yourself in today’s confusing job-search world.

Pat holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and a master’s degree from the University of Florida, and she has done extensive postgraduate work in learning disabilities at Nova University and Georgia State. We welcome Pat as a vital addition as we continue to expand our program and services.


Get That Next Job Bob

Bob Sandt, COO & National Business Development                                              
Email:     770-5572-295

We are pleased to announce that Bob Sandt has rejoined GTNJ and TJC as COO. Bob has over 30 years of experience in the management of both large and small enterprises and therefore brings a unique perspective and expertise with respect to finding a new job and career development.

As a former client of GTNJ, he came looking for another CEO position. he found the process so compelling and consistent with his career experience that he decided to invest in taking GTNJ national through an enhanced and fully functional Web presence. Bob was the CEO of several Alaskan native tribes’ government military supplies. In the lower 48 and in Fairbanks. 

Through Bob’s ability to identify the right talent, he has been able to successfully guide complex technology development programs, initiates new product launches, and commercialize advanced technologies across multiple applications. His hands-on leadership style and forward-focused vision consistently deliver superior products and customer service experience, whether executing component level repair support, production, manufacturing, assembly operations, or logistics and supply-chain management of sophisticated systems. Formulating strategies and executing capture efforts for multi-billion-dollar programs while turning around failing operations has become emblematic of his ability to recognize talent and build strong and effective management teams.

Bob is a successful business leader with many years of engineering and business experience, having served as CEO of Ahtna, Inc., the 20-largest corporation in Alaska; as vice president of business development at Lockheed Martin Corporation’s Missile Systems Division; as vice president of marketing and product development at Magnum Power Systems, Ltd.; and as president/CEO of Diversified Defense Industries.

He graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering, and he also holds a master’s degree in industrial management from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He attended the Executive Development Program at Emory University and the Senior Executive Development Program at Cornell University.

Bob can be reached at or 770-557-9925.

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The office is open for new CEO/EVP only clients in the evening after 8:30 Thursday only!

Our basic premise is that, for the last 20 years, the majority of job seekers have been doing their transition planning with an old and outmoded system.

The PMSP© System website helps to ensure three things in any candidate’s transition mode:

1. The candidate will be prepared for transition by knowing who they are.

2. They will able to get noticed in today’s marketplace!

3. They will be comfortable with their Story. Being comfortable explaining and demonstrating how they will increase the “reward of hire” and reduce “risk of hire” for any hiring authority in any industry.

“Today is your first tomorrow!” –Bruce Dreyfus

“Tasks, titles, and responsibilities are normally dismissed; measurable accomplishments are always recognized.”

Unlike our print and CD products our Transition Methodology Coaching Services cannot be warrantied or guaranteed; as we have no way to ensure our client’s adherence and dedication to our Personal Marketing Strategy Program© and methodology.