18 Basic Rules of the PMSP

18 Basic Rules of the PMSP.

Before you engage our services, you might want to know more about our coaching philosophy. Here are our basic rules for the PMSP:

“Where transition solutions are a reality, not just an illusion!”  BSD

The Basic Rules of the PMSP:

1. “Get THAT NEXT job” is committed to the concept of “accomplished candidates, not merely resumes!”

2. Our process is complete. The site and possible individual or group coaching are set as separate service.

3. Transition is and always was a sales job.

4. Our goal is to allow all coachees to develop the competitive advantage to get them noticed, interviewed, and, finally, “get THAT NEXT job.”

5. Introspection, research, and aggressive marketing are the keys that will allow our coachees to “get THAT NEXT job.”

6. Our purpose is to allow the real candidate to emerge, not just the vital content. The candidate’s accomplishments, competencies, attributes, experiences, and potentials will determine their success.

7. We are committed to excellence and an ongoing relationship with our coachees, which is based on reciprocal trust.

8. All our coachees are treated with the same diligence, priority, and dedication.

9. We will provide a series of learning and study aids in early 2015 similar to website, e-books, CDs, templates, examples, articles, e-notes and webinars, as well as our one-on-one interviewing, coaching and consulting Activities.

10. Once a client has begun his/her search, we are readily available via phone, text, email or future webinars.

11. In most cases, we spend no more than a half-hour per week with any coaching client. Our rigorous home assignments, personal introspection, and research take time, but it does pay off with a shortened transition cycle.

12. Our job is to obviate our coaching relationship as quickly as possible.

13. Via the site or personalized coaching, we will ensure that each client is ready to go to market before they launch their search.

14. We instruct coachees on how best to ensure the success of their search efforts and the success of their hiring company. ROI RISK/REWARD formula. V=N+A-C

15. Titles, dates, and responsibilities mean nothing in a real candidacy; only transiting from a paper candidate to a person, demonstrated passion and measurable accomplishments will secure that next position.

16. Networking is the key, but real networking with the C-level decisionmakers.

17. Success at the potential “job assignment” is our main concern, as such we enable our coachees to find and advocate for “their” real candidate.

18. Finally, we ask that all our coachees pay it forward to others who are in need of a new opportunity.


Your job in transition is to understand that you are now a straight commission salesperson. You have one product—you—and your job is to “get noticed,” “get Interviewed” and then “get THAT NEXT job!” We suggest you also use the personal edition of www.salesforce.com.

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