Executive Coaching Project

Executive Coaching Project: We have built this program and site as a guide, always updating and developing new methods to “get noticed” in this ever-changing job search world. We can help the busy executive market themselves by taking over some of that role at GTNJ. Transition does not have to be a full-time job!

Your job, as the candidate in the ECP is no longer reliant on just your efforts. 

We will share that burden with you, not because you are not interested in your career growth, but because you are too busy working to spend the time and energy for a new job search. We will act as your personal recruiter.

Together we will build an aggressive program to enable you to Get That Next Job. 

We will review your program weekly, daily if necessary. Act as your coach, sales manager, mentor, and partner in your search.  We will be your partner on the shelf for your next search.

We will employ our unique PMSP process.

We understand that this is not a logical time for you, but an emotional one. We will steady that roller coaster ride.

Before we embark on this new ride, you and we will know who you are, what you want, and chart a course to get us there. 


a. What are your skills, strengths, and accomplishments? See ACP  

b. What do you want to do?

c. What do you enjoy doing?

d. What are your greatest successes, and concerns?” Why?

e. If you were to give “you” a reference what would you say? Write it down!

We will ensure that these answers are all reduced to a written format. You will write everything down.

We will ensure that you are always running toward an opportunity, not just away from your current situation.

We will help you develop your own personal job sales primer, not just for this job but for the next and the following that one.

You cannot expect success overnight; tomorrow or next week. This is a process, not a single act. We will help you with both the avalanche of calls at first, then the silence. With proper planning and preparation, it does become a more manageable task.


David L. McCorkle
“A great mentor, coach, and friend. Bruce offers a program to prepare one to get that next job, not just once but for life….”

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