Average Time to Find a Job

It today’s world, the average time to find a job can be as short as six months, and frequently as long as a year. It is a fiscal and emotionally painful and frustrating time, and at many junctures you find yourself asking if there isn’t some way to speed it up.

The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” Four out of five of our clients who have used our GTNJ strategy on our website have had success within 6-12 weeks or less.

Recently, we have added a Guaranteed Success Executive Program to our time tested sure-fire techniques to cut the average time for executives to Get That Next Job.


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If you knew you could cut down the average time to find a job to 6 to 12 weeks, would you? Of course, and we have the proven strategy to ensure your success:

  • Get noticed

  • Get interviewed

  • Get that next job: Negotiate from a position of strength.

The man or woman who can actually hire you is behind a set of firewalls that you can’t hack that makes the average time to find a job so lengthy. Get past around or over that wall.

Our Personal Marketing Strategy Program (PMSP©) gives you:

  1. Specific

  2. Actionable

  3. Aggressive steps that will get you in front of the decision-makers.

Getting noticed is tougher than ever. We are in an age of scanning software that looks for keywords in a cover letter or resume and automatically rejects the ones that don’t have the right words. But YOU CAN’T KNOW THE WORDS. The classic Catch-22. To get a human being to even look at your resume, you have to know the words the computer is looking for. But you can’t know what the company is looking for until you talk to a human being. Small wonder the average time to find a job approaches a full year. Stop using resumes!

  • Assuming you somehow make the computer cut, your material will end up in front of an H-R clerk. Our system gets you in front of the CEO, COO, Hiring Manager, and Department Head.

Get interviewed or get nowhere. Our program gets you called-in, called-back and you get the strategy to win the interviews. You know you haven’t cracked the code to get you inside. You are confident that once you can get face-to-face, you can sell them on you. You can’t get to the initial interview stage. This is the second reason the average time to find a job is so long.

Getting your resume (See Resume 2.3) seen doesn’t automatically mean your interview will be with the decision-maker; in fact, most often it is not. In the acting profession they refer to it as a “cattle call”; bring in a big pool of people for a quick look. Many are seen but one is chosen, and sometimes no one makes the cut.

Our proven strategy gets the important eyes on your qualifications, presented uniquely and effectively. It intrigues CEOs and ingratiates you with the decision-makers. You can get the kind of results 80% of our users have seen: not just a job, but work you want in the field you prefer; working for the kind of people you want, because you got to know them as you made them interested in you.

You negotiate from a position of strength. You have made them want you. You have shown them your stuff, and they need it. Our system prepares you for strong negotiation that overcomes any negative of unemployment or disadvantage of career transition.

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Significantly reduce the long average time to find a job.

We have served worked and placed clients across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Asia who beat the average time to find a job by months.

Get THAT NEXT Job, Inc. has finally changed the paradigm in the traditional job search process.

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