ECP Sales Call:


As we have said before, yes this is a S.A.L.E.S job! You are your own marketing and sales team. Your objective is to get an appointment (ps screen or an in-person meeting) or another name of a decision-maker, with a budget, the authority to make a decision, and the ability to create a job for you.  You do not want to speak to HR, except the Exec VPHR.



Your goal is to help your prospective employer not “just” get a job. You must be a reward not a risk.

There are Eight reasons for every SALES call that you make. See more under Interview.

1. Set up an interview or a coffee

2. Get another name in the organization

3. Cultivate a phone call to that referral


Practice often enough that it does not sound as if you are reading a prepared document, but are being almost informal. Please read all four alternatives before writing your own. It must be in YOUR voice.

This sample is to accompany the program. It is to be used for the calls that you will make to introduce yourself to the president, CEO, or HA of your target companies. (Use the company’s dial by name directory to get the name or their site on Hoovers or

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