Backgrounder: Precursor to Harvey.

Executive Coaching Project: Personal Assessment: Candidate Backgrounder


If you are interested in joining our exclusive process please complete the first 12 questions. We understand this preliminary Backgrounder is long, but it does help us to evaluate your “fit” for our exclusive executive process.

Please feel free to answer all the questions below.

All information below is confidential and is not now or ever shared with anyone. That condition of confidentiality is true if you become a coaching client or not.

There are other inventories that we will administer to get to know you, but most of all for you to get to know you.

We look forward to speaking with you.

For more information about the program @ email.

The Method from get THAT NEXT Job, Inc. has finally changed the paradigm in the traditional job search process.  

1. If we asked your closest friends are you successful, what would they say? How would you describe success?

2. Describe the perfect job.  Have you ever had one, if so describe it here?

3. Rank order the following in importance:

_______ Income Package,________ Size of Company, ________Job Title,

________Market Segment, ________Quality of Product/Service, 

________Company Reputation,________Personal Recognition

4. What was the one thing that helped your subordinate managers succeed most?

 5. What was one thing that a prior manager did to impede your success, or proved to be the most frustrating?

6. Name your 5 major strengths as a professional.

Which among these strengths do you find the easiest to do?

The hardest?

What area gives you the most pride?

7. What professional skill/area do you work on most often to improve?

8. If you are successful in 12 months how will you know?

9. Of what one professional accomplishment are you most proud?

10. Please provide 3 reasons you are an opportunity for your new employer.

11. What unique skills do you bring to a new employer? IE: Why could you be described as an opportunity?

What is that opportunity?

12. What area does your “current” supervisor work on most often with you to help you improve?

What do you do most often to help your supervisor improve?

13. What do you find most challenging about your present situation?

14. What do you find the least challenging?

15. Why are you looking to change now?

16. What are you looking for in a new opportunity? List five reasons:

17. What companies would you be interested in joining?

18. Which companies do you not wish to join?

19. If you were just starting your career, what would you do differently?

20. How much travel do you currently do? What are you comfortable with?

21. How many people do you currently supervise?

22. Relocate? Y / N Where?

23. Your Success Stories! Why?

24. What did you earn last year? Base? Bonus?

25. What was your sales/profit goal last year? What % did you reach?

26. Describe how you work. What is a typical day like?

27. Tell me your CAREER STORY: 

28. Describe your first 90 days at your new job:

29. What was the best training you have ever received? Why, be specific.

30. What other questions would you add to this Backgrounder?

31. Of what one professional accomplishment are you most proud?

32. Of what one professional accomplishment of a prior company are you most proud?

33. Of what one personal accomplishment are you most proud?

34. Is there a question here that you would not have included?

35. Is there any question here that most offended you?

36. After completing this exercise do you feel more ready for the interview world in 2017?

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NOTE: The above questions are purposely written in a sales parlance, since you are now, a candidate, you are in sales. We thought it was more than appropriate to do so here. If there is a question that does not specifically apply to you, please do not ignore the question. Merely change the question to better fit your needs. IE: If the question asks about a manager you have had, and you have never worked for a manager, change the question to refer to a client, customer, etc that will fit your needs.

The answers are important to help us decide if our program is right for you.

 We at gTNj ECP feel this exercise if done with the appropriate soul searching, will allow you to get that next job with a minimum of pain later.

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