Job Description Questions

Your job description actually has 5 constituent parts:    Opportunity

1. the actual tasks and responsibilities

2. the title

3. the compensation & benefit program

4. the company’s goals for the job

5. the positioning for advancement that the job allows in the future.

See complete Job Description under get Noticed or First Obligation. Ask your coach if having a problem.

Your job description should also include what you enjoy doing, what you find most fascinating, and what will make the company the largest reward for your position. This should also make you want to go to work in the morning.


If you are an accountant; 

Does the job cover Finance, Investments, Real Estate, Cost Overruns, Analytics, Receivables, or Accounts Payable, just to name a few?   

Is the job, virtual, team-oriented, office-based, with or without travel, all-encompassing, or highly focused?  

Do you need to see the results of your work, or are you happy with being a cog in the wheel? 

Is there interaction with sales, manufacturing, purchasing, vendors (local or foreign), or other office staff? 


Major Responsibilities, Title, Qualifications, Accomplishments, and Compensation

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