Executive Coaching Project: Quick Explanation

Your ECP Search

Company Name Search Process:

Please review the sites to locate companies, individuals, and competitors, especially the CFO. If that person is new, there is a change, explore.

1. Locate www.Manta.com  Indeed.com, www.Simplyhired.com, hound.com, use one or all of them to locate companies, not necessarily jobs, in your specialty and location desired. Try several options, similar to telecom, Atlanta, etc. You will find the alleged existing jobs; ignore the jobs listed as only 20-40% are real.  

You are looking for the company names and locations, both companies you knew and do not. While still in www.manta.com  print out the list, or click on each company of interest, it will take you to their website. On the company website read some of the news articles and seek the info about the management team, chronicle the companies that you have found interesting. It does not matter that the assignment is not an exact match, indeed it is irrelevant.

2. Next, go to either www.zoominfo.com/www.hoovers.com, etc.

(The free side) enter in the company name that you have chosen, as there are many companies with similar names, check to be sure it is the company you have chosen, then print out the company information. While still on that company info page, look for the list of competitors. www.bbb.org. Please use our link to our site above for research information, we have included other free research pages as well.

Reenter each new company in ZoomInfo or Hoovers until you have a list of 20 or 30 companies. The more competitors you find in your search, the better. Your search will also be broader and in more depth, expanding your horizons. Look for 3 different mixes of companies, small, medium, and a sprinkling of large, also consider startups. Your target goal should be 50-60 companies at the start.

Yes, this sounds time-consuming and tedious but it will be much faster than expected and will yield great results.

Prioritize your company list 1-20, and then flip it so that you go after the 20th first. By the time you get to #17 you are dangerous.


Be sure to use a free CRM product.

You will not be able to remember all the details, who, what, why, how, and etc for each company if the COB?/CEO calls you unexpectedly. Example what is the name of the admin to the CEO, where is s/he domiciled. Often since CEOs have no one to talk to, the ADMIN knows more about the company than the CEO or the CBO sits on many boards, and s/he knows them all.


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