Seven Knows: Executive Coaching Project (ECP)


“gTNj” Information Sheet

Our Transition Compass process is based on seven simple concepts:

 “Tasks are Normally Dismissed, Measurable Accomplishments are Always Recognized.” BSD

There are 7 KNOWS in every career transition period that are vital to understand and do. Research!  

a. Know who you are and what you want (Job Description).

b. Know who the potential employer (company) is. Research THEM

c. Know who the Hiring Manager is. (Know their background)

d. Know your competition and the company’s competition. This is your, possible market place.

e. Know how to attract the COB/C levels.

f. Know how to demonstrate your value. (Dynamic Interview/Paradigm Shifter) Check:

g. Know how to negotiate the best offer. Your preparation now requires you to know what you want to get paid later. Compensation needs to be negotiated in your mind before you initiate your search, not after it has begun.

3. Transition is and always will be a marketing and sales process, not a Human Resource’s process. You are the salesperson marketing “yourself.” Your first task after all of the 7 knows is to write as complete a job description as you can for yourself. After all, they will ask what you want. MAKE THIS PROCESS SO THAT YOU ARE THE ONLY CANDIDATE THAT CAN FIT THIS “HIDDEN POSITION”.

4. The hiring manager’s job is always more important to them, than offering you a job. That is why you are asked to go to the top.

5. Your transition program must accomplish three tasks at the same time: a. “get YOU NOTICED” b. Demonstrate YOUR VALUE (Reduced Risk of Hire and Increased Reward of Hire): b. “get INTERVIEWED” c. Develop an urgency in the hiring process using “get THAT NEXT job! process”

6. Always go to the top with your presentation materials. There are no competitors when you go after the “Hidden Job.” 

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