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Website Subscription Product and or Individual Coaching

The Personal Marketing Strategy Program’s© 7+ Step Job Search Program
Get Noticed: Introspection, Marketing, Targeting, 

Negotiation/Close on the Job
Life Network

We know the information in our Personal Marketing Strategy Program© (PMSP) works!

GTNJ has been using this same 7 Step Program for the last 13 years in conjunction with our one-on-one coaching.

Now the same process can and does work via a subscription program with or without coaching. Please see “The Method” for executives only.

See: Preface & Lesson Explanation here.

Lessons for GTNJ Program by Week. (Subscription only)

This new site has now been developed as a stand-alone product. Our system is divided into our 7 Step Program:

The Get Noticed grouping includes four of the seven steps in our program: Introspection, Marketing, Targeting and Implementation.

It allows you to determine who you are, develop your marketing materials, pick your target companies, demonstrates how to get to the decision maker and finally how to set up an interview for the “hidden job.”

Finding out the truth about ourselves hurts, but that exercise also shows you a new path and the trust you need in yourself to allow you to advocate for YOU.

The Get Interviewed portion was designed for those candidates who have have completed the Get Noticed section or are ready or about to be in an interview situation. This section demonstrates our unique way of interviewing that puts you, the candidate, in the driver’s seat during any interview. 

Finally, there is the Get That Next Job grouping, which demonstrates negotiations and closing techniques and the most important concept, how to establish a life network of decision makers. We also review options, if you are thinking of retirement.  (GTNJ does not discuss investments, adult communities, property or annuities.)

The program is sold only in its entirety. Individual, group, webinar and seminar coaching are also available at an additional affordable cost.

See Lessons for the Get Noticed Section here or below.

Welcome to the SALES 101 section of our program. You are not in transition; you are employed—self-employed and straight commission selling a product that coincidentally has the same first and last name you do.

We have been using the Get That Next Job Program© program for 14 years. If used and followed, the program will enable you to have a successful transition period. You can get a new job in 6-12 weeks! The real question is: Do you really want a job?

Yes, our Get Noticed section asks much of our clients, but your reward at the end of the search is significant.

It is designed to lessen your time on the “bench” by getting to know you through introspection, the “who” you represent, developing a “marketing piece” about you, targeting the companies and bosses (executives) with whom you want to work, plus it offers a step-by-step plan to get your personal marketing information in front of the decision makers, not just HR.

Your candidacy deserves to get in front of a decision maker who has a financial budget and sees you as an opportunity.for 20-30 seconds, as opposed to your being read by a “software scanner” in 1/2000th of a second. If you feel that way, join us!

We will help you Get Noticed!

We cannot assure you an offer, but we can assure you that the PMSP System will get you noticed. We will allow you to move from the “herd to being heard.”

Personal contact is key to this program. As we say often: “People hire people, not paper!” People hire People with Passion! People hie people with Performance!

Once you get noticed, it is your job to “secure” the interview and “sell” the offer. Obviously, we can help you frame your offer. Call us!