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Candidate Initiative Search Assignment: CISA

The Method: Executive Program has been added to our GTNJ offerings. Our prior clients have asked for it for years and we now have completed testing our program and our site to accommodate those requests over the last five years. This exclusive program will enable you to get a new job in 6-12 weeks.

We actually have 3 programs built around the Method.  

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CISA Program Information

As we say on other introductory pages on this site; our system was built out of frustration with the old “Spray, Pray and Chat” methodology that has been employed since the 1950’s.

Today there are too many qualified paper candidates and too few credible listed jobs.

To further complicate the issue, many times our first contact in any company is either an internal or 3rd party recruiter.

In our experience, the recruiters only want to know what is the bottom line salary that you will accept, your credentials mean almost nothing. In most cases, those we speak with are really not familiar with the job, product, clients or in many cases, not even the hiring manager. Most often, they do not know, if it is a sales position, the sales cycle, the average sale, the “churn” cycle, the clients, or even the level that you must call on to make the sale happen. In actuality, the same goes for administration, accounting, production, IT, warehousing positions as well.

As you have possibly already read in Welcome, 95% of all the jobs that are possibly needed are never advertised. At least 50% of the existing jobs, not even HR knows about. Worse yet, in every company over 1000 employees, HR is not aware of the 20-30% of the jobs that are vacated every year.  Those jobs are not advertised so as to not warn either the clients, competition or the markets about the annual churn.

Our PMSP system has basically thrown out the traditional application process and started over again, using our exclusive The Method sales based model for executive candidates only. We only accept 1-2 clients per month.


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