Hidden Job: CEO Types (3)

All make good possible business contacts.

1. The Professional: The Explorer

The person who learned on the way up that it is the people and clients that will always make his or her company successful. Yes, he/she worked hard to get there, but others really made it possible. As a result, he will always explore, seek and discover new ways to increase and grow his business. Your tri-folds are a way for him to see immediately your possible contribution. He/she will always have time to discuss a new idea and a new approach. He/she will also help you to grow and succeed as others have helped him or her.

2. The Mirage: Now you see them, now you don’t

“I made it; leave me alone.” This person kept their nose to the grindstone, and is now it is time to enjoy the fruits of that labor. Don’t bother me, and I will not bother you. I got mine; you get yours.

3. The Wall Street Executive: Money-facing executive

This person smiles and glad-hands the moneyed crowd only, and in many cases treats his/her subordinates as if they were peons. He/she will take advantage of any situation and turn it to his/her benefit financially. No idea, process or strategy is safe—what’s his is his, what yours is hers. However, that also makes your approach, the tri-fold, attractive. He/she finds your approach of discovering the hidden opportunity very intriguing. What else can he/she learn from you? At least you will get their attention—beyond that, you have to sell to his/her money-facing ego.

Obviously, two of three are good candidates for our PMSP approach, but the second is also. He/she really wants someone to ensure that they will not be bothered, and you might be that someone.

Your challenge is to find out before hand who the executive is and how to work them. The real truth is many executives could be acting all three parts at any moment in the day. www.linkedin.com and your “real” network can provide that information.

As long as you realize what you offer, who you are and what you will be, you have a shot. The tri-fold system is just hokey enough to get a wow or a “that is intriguing.” It accomplished its purpose—you got noticed.

Now sell accomplishments and “stress relief,” more money or to their individual operating base “principles.” Explore for new ideas—”How can I insulate myself better to enjoy the fruits of my labor, or more money?”

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