Hidden Job: YOUR Compensation

Our system is based on the concept that you should always attempt to determine your job description and compensation program before you launch your search.

Your negotiation period with your new company actually starts well before you send out that first marketing piece, make that first call or have that first interview.

It is your responsibility to study the marketplace and to use your introspection period to determine a realistic compensation program now.

1. Because our system requires you to go to the C-level authority, you are often seeking a position that is hidden—that only exists in the mind of the C level and does not exist now. Therefore, there are no salary ranges in place to prohibit you from asking for or negotiating a compensation that you really want.

2. Again, because the approach is to the C level, there is little to no built-in competition for the about-to-be-created job. Possibly, few or no internal or external job seekers exist for that “hidden” position today.

3. Finally, since the C level is always concerned about finding the most talented people, he/she is motivated to spare no expense to “get” those employees for the company.

Check: www.payscale.com

Caution: This is the perfect place to discuss the target that will be on your on your back if you choose the wrong compensation program. 

It is far better to ask for more money rather than less as you go through the interview process. You can always give up some, but you will not often negotiate for much more if you do not set expectations high at the outset.

Remember: Always ask about the salary range before you give anyone your compensation expectations. Discuss that because you know the company is a good company, it would never insult prospective employees with a poor compensation program.

The following is repeated often on this site.

If you ask for too little in compensation, every act or decision that you will make will be questioned—even the right ones. 

The company, especially your boss, will always wonder what is “wrong” with you.

What did you hide in the interview or your credentials that caused you to ask for and expect too little in compensation? 

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