Hidden Job: Value

Hidden Jobs Needs Assessment Formula: VALUE


The real irony in job hunting is the fact that getting a job is a combination of getting noticed and demonstrating value and persistence.

We often forget that poor networking or use of the Web can often destroy all of our efforts, regardless of our accomplishments or value.

Your job as a candidate is to decrease the RISK and increase the REWARD of HIRE—or put another way: to demonstrate why you are an opportunity for a company and not a risk.

“Tasks are normally dismissed; measurable accomplishments are always recognized.” –BSD

Value = Need (Real & Perceived) + Application (Use) – Cost (Fiscal & Emotional) * Risk (Squared)

In any SALE, Needs should be perceived, and Cost should be emotional.

“People hire people, not paper!  –BSD

People hire passionate people!

People hire people with consistent performance!

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