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PreparationTiming and Earning the Offer

Regardless of what you may think, all interviews are—and always will be—a combination of a sales call, an audition, and a triathlon. The real question is: Can you finish the race?

In your interview process, you need to prove three things: are you creative, do you still have a fire in the belly and what will you be like after hire? Everything else is irrelevant.

You must focus on your responsibility to close, secure, ask the interviewer to be engaged—whatever euphemism you use for “ask for the job.” If you do not, you will more than likely not get an offer or a return visit. Conversation vs Confrontation!

Our “get THAT NEXT job” process will provide you with the guidelinespurpose, and direction to allow you to be successful in any interview setting. You must earn each offer!

Remember that “you” are the product, your Marketing materials & brochures, TFB and CIP are your sales literature, your attributes are your business card, your telephone interview is your commercial, your face-to-face interaction is your sales call, and your group interview is your “close.” Finally, your thank you emails and notes can ensure your “signature on the offer letter.” They are who you will be after hiring!

Win that interview, “get THAT NEXT job!” The PMSP© program utilizes our unique Marketing brochure presentation methodology. You do not only have to win the interview, but you do have to win the offer.

This system allows you to do that. Your approach to the job hunt must be complete before you start.
More leads, referrals, recommendations and job offers are lost to inaction by the candidates than to their actions. If you don’t ask before the offer, you may not be able to after.

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