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1st July 2015

Hi Bruce,

Here we go.

The Get That Next Job website is a self tutorial that you can work at your own pace. Once I realized this, I went full time into my contrarian job search. Using the website, I developed a marketing platform for my gifts and talents and was able to present to the CEO my value to his organization. Essentially, I learned how to market myself.

Once I went to market for my dream job, this search was competed with an offer within 16 days. I get a job in the field I wanted to be in, at the pay opportunity level I requested, with the job responsibilities I knew I would be successful handling. All for the targeted company in Germany I wanted to represent.

How’s your job search going? Could you use some help?

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I did not use the GTNJ website. My father worked with Bruce and the techniques on the website, and he taught me to use the tools to prepare my platform to market. I was able to put together a job search that resulted in four job offers within a 5 day time period and I was able to select the job I wanted.

Now six months later, I am ready to go up and improve my position and compensation and I am using the same model.


Can we help, read below.


I was let go by my company just before Christmas, and my immediate thought was that I would be able to find a new position within two or three months as I am very proactive, and being proactive was all that was needed as I had the experience and skillset that would be sought after.

I developed a plan of action, but soon realized that information on seeking new employment has major gaps. The first piece of information was to ensure my resume was updated and appealing to prospective employers, and by that, I mean able to pass through most companies automated resume analysis systems. I learnt about keywords and structure, customized cover letters and ‘selling myself’, but I realized that I was an amateur at all this, so I paid to have my resume updated.

I knew about LinkedIn, but my profile was out of date and had very few connections (~230), and I learnt that recruiters and HR departments used LinkedIn to locate required candidates, but they wouldn’t be able to search for me until I was in their network. I realized my network was too small and my profile needed updating, so I paid to have my LinkedIn profile refreshed, and my connections boosted.

My overall approach was responding to open positions on job boards with my resume, reaching out to new contacts on LinkedIn for referrals, and responding to the few offers for unsuitable positions. I was working hard every day on this, but I knew that although I was busy and being proactive, my actual job search was not moving forward.

With this realization, I went to a local job fair to attend a presentation about the hidden job market. I knew this is where the real jobs are, but I had no clue how to form a strategy for getting into it. Bob Sandt, of “Get that next job” was presenting, and he was blunt, direct, and ‘no nonsense’, but it was like a lightning bolt to the brain, I immediately recognized the truth in what he was saying. I had to find out the strategy his company used to secure new positions within 90 days.

I signed up for the coaching, and worked closely with Bruce Dreyfus, a ridiculously experienced and knowledgeable expert in the field of recruitment and being recruited. I followed the steps he put forward and almost immediately my mindset changed, as Bruce had predicted. I put the effort in to complete the materials to work the system, and when I was ready to launch, I knew a positive outcome was inevitable.

My success with the program was immediate as I shared my materials with a contact I was using as a counsellor during my search. We had already spoken about the potential to transfer into his organization and all of these had been dismissed, which is why he was a counsellor. As I handed him my materials to review and critique, I witnessed his entire approach change. I watched as he went from reviewing the materials, to reading the materials, to considering what the information meant to him. He stopped reading, looked me in the eye, and said “I have to get you working with me”, and five weeks later I received the job offer. What he read changed his perspective and created an urgency that was amazing to witness – this is the power of the Bruce and Bob’s approach.

At the time I started work, I had received no interviews from applying to positions on job boards with my professional resume, I had received no interviews from reaching out to people on LinkedIn with my updated profile, and I received one offer to interview from a recruiter who found me on LinkedIn courtesy of my increased connections. For me, the only investment that provided a return was “Get that next job”.


Neil G