Lessons 2

Lessons: Your Homework for the PMSP Program

Please read all the lessons on this page first before beginning. The unique part of this program is that you may start anywhere in your job pursuit, based on when you start with this site. It can start at the beginning or at Interviewing or at Negotiations and or at On-boarding, or if you are seeking a promotion.

If you have not yet read Preface do so now!

Remember: This PMSP is based on S.A.L.E.S.101 and personable relationship ideals!

Lessons: People Hire People, not PAPER!

People hire people with passion.

People hire people with proven performance.

People hire people with Passion and Performance!

This process can be done quickly or at your own pace, the urgency is yours, not ours. We would like you to be hired in 10 weeks or less from start.

What you see below is designed for a 2 or 6-week cycle of Introspection, Marketing/Presentation, and Interview cycle. We have had clients hired in as little as 2 weeks. One client actually all the process work was done in 3 days and had a job in 6 days.

Our goal for you is 6-10 weeks.

 First 2-3 Weeks as a client, web or coaching.

1. This site is built based on a left to right orientation with drop down boxes.  Our PMSP is a seven-step program.

2. Starting on the left and following the boxes will present you with a thorough guide to “get THAT NEXT job” by category!

3. Many of the subsections are also accompanied by additional drop down boxes.

4. We currently have about 3000 pages on the subscription side of the site.

5. We suggest that you not ignore the information pages.  

6. The site is arranged by the categories beginning with Introspection and ending with Life Network. 

7. We suggest you subscribe to a personal edition of www.pipeline.com  or www.zoho.com. Record Keeping does not end when you get that next job, it should be saved to build a Life Network of C level Decision Makers.

We also have a guaranteed Candidate Advocacy Program.

GTNJ’s Generic Home Assignments & Lessons:

1. If you are being coached, check with your coach to get best order for you. 

2. Send all prepared materials to your coach as they are completed or as a WIP.

3. Times can and have been sped up. We have had clients that completed the process in 3 days to 3 weeks. 

4. Many clients also do not start at the beginning, as this is a continuum.

5. Our system is built as a Sales & Marketing Program, PMSP. 

This process is built on a 3-5 week lesson basis. (It will be tweaked by your coach on a regular basis to best fit your needs.)

Below we have 2 alternative sets of lessons. The first set was instituted for those candidates that have joined us since 5-1-15, the other is also good, but we changed for a more immediate feedback to our clients.

All of the material can be done in 2 weeks or less and then you go to work as a sales representative selling YOU to CEO’s and EVP’s only.

First Week’s Assignments:

1. Please use the order below.  All can be located using the Search engine.

a. Do Job Search Driving Factors

b. Complete  Harvey 54

c.  Do First Obligation 

d.  A+P=C    “Compass Point”

e. Short Presentation-Slick 1 or 2.    (Both if you can)

f.  Job Description  (Preliminary)   You will also write a Complete Job Description Next Week.

g. Complete  Harvey 54

h. (Suggested) Read thru Introspection Discussions and Examples.

i. Develop a total Compensation Program, check on web. www.salary.com

One of the best ways to use your background and or attributes to locate companies or job descriptions that you fit is to do a global google or bing search using 5-7 of your attributes and the names of the city and state where you want to work. This system also allows you to locate job descriptions on the web that best fit what you think you want to do.

2. Second Week’s Homework:

A. Write:

a. Narrative   (Your Story in the 3rd person)  There are 7 Examples

b. Attributes    (At least 5-10)

c. Accomplishments   (Measurable) 

d. Start first Tri-Fold (TFB) or CIP.  (Use templates and example provided) (Send to coach for response.)

e. Choose 20 companies that you want and 5 that you do not.  Study Marketing and Targeting sections for aides.

f. Study and Research your chosen companies etc   Check Information sources on site.

B. Second Week’s Assignment:

a. Complete 1st TFB   Print only 5-8 TFB’s at a time. There will always be changes. 

b. Read Action Plan on site and send 1st TFB to 5 companies which you do not want.

c. Follow Action Plan  12 Step Program   Send out the 5 TBF’s. 

d. Write Your Script

e. Revise TFB’s based on comments

f. Do 2nd and 3rd TFB

3rd Week:

a. Make phone calls to companies that you sent TFB    Follow Action Plan  

b. Revise your list of companies, glean and add 5-10 more to those companies which you want to work.

c. Begin to branch out laterally and horizontally in your search.

d. Be sure to read Paradigm Interview Questions.

5. Additional assignments will be given by your individual coaches.

(Your coaching or self-coaching will proceed from Study to production of TFB’s or CLP’s documents to Interviewing Techniques, Negotiations, Closing and Acceptance or Rejection and Life Network instructions.

If in doubt call your coach or please write us.)

Week 4-5.

Review progress script, approach and change if necessary add new companies.

GTNJ Transition Compass.