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get THAT NEXT job!”©

“get That Next job!©” has finally changed the paradigm of the job-search process. Our 21st-century transition methodology has been built for all candidates WHO ARE 35-65 YEARS OLD: administration to CEO, civilian and military, individuals or general staff. “Today is your first tomorrow!”

Most candidates today are still stuck in the past. Gone are the days of the old “cover letter, resume and prayer method” that have been employed for at least the last 60 years.

Unfortunately, today far too many candidates are still mailing and emailing their resumes and cover letters to company’s HR departments even though they know, little will come from their efforts. Candidates are still following the “same old tried and not true methods” for finding and securing THAT NEXT job.

We are pleased that our time-tested PMSP© job search process will allow talented candidates to break those shackles of the past, and allow you to “get that next job” by getting Noticed, not overlooked, Interviewed, not ignored, Hired and not rejected.

To be noticed, offered an interview and hired you must be converted from the “paper candidate to the real candidate.” i.e. Transit from the paper candidate to a person. People hire people, not paper.

Our unique contrarian system is designed around the seven main purposes and challenges for every job search today. Our creative marketing materials will get you 20-30 seconds with a decision maker, not 2-3 seconds with HR, or 1/3000 of a second with a software scanner.

1. Introspection: Know you, your target companies, their executives, and leverage their Real Network. (IE: Linkedin  We can help you.)
2. Marketing: Learn how to prepare “marketing” materials that will get you NOTICED. Move from the “HERD to being HEARD.”
3. Targeting: Choosing the right market place, companies, products, clients and competitors for you specifically.
4. Implementation: To provide a step-by-step marketing program to prepare and present the candidate’s credentials. Our step-by-step search methods will guide you through your transition process in a comfortable, efficient way that will keep your confidence intact and your eyes always on the ultimate goal.
5. Interviewing: Based on our 7 unique questions; learn a new powerful interviewing technique that will turn most interviews from confrontations to conversations. “get INTERVIEWED.” Know what to ask, when, why and how.
6. Negotiation: Learn how to negotiate from a position of strength to “get THAT NEXT job!”
7. Life Network: Finally, learn how to develop a “Life Network” that will always be there to enable you to get THAT NEXT next job!

8. Retirement: Are you ready? What do you do!

9. get That Next NEXT job!: Either as an internal employee in the form of of a promotion or a new external job.

Our Personal Marketing Strategy Program© system is also built around five very basic and not so self-evident premises:

1. Transition is and always will be a S.A.L.E.S. & Marketing JOB!
2. In every job search, “all contacts regardless of rank or status are AUDITIONS. Be prepared, be aware.
3. ALWAYS stay positive; in every interview setting; be they on the phone, face-to-face or via email.
4. Your accomplishments must always demonstrate clearly that you are a REWARD for the hiring manager, not a risk.
5. Work as if THAT NEXT job depends on it, it DOES!
Our transition philosophy can best be summed up as: “Tasks are normally dismissed, measurable accomplishments are always recognized!”

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Bruce Dreyfus
“get THAT NEXT job!” ©

Get THAT NEXT Job, Inc. has finally changed the paradigm in the traditional job search process.   NEGOTIATIONS ACTUALLY START BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING. 

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