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While speaking with a client yesterday who has been offered a possible lateral move in his current employer. We discussed the facts that although the move sounds interesting he needs to evaluate the change and evaluate the possible impact on his current career goal and his current employer.

I asked him if he knew the offer, compensation, title and proposed duration of the program. Was the new position working with a successful program or one that either stagnated or is in the process of failure? As well as the elimination of the current participants engaged in this existing program.

No one should decide about a new position, lateral move or promotion without knowing the whole picture of the job and its track record.

Endorphins are great but not when faced with the gamble of a new job.

Tenure often takes precedence over, proposed title, compensation or new responsibilities. There is always a risk of changing your job, but it must be mitigated by Reward.

At that moment I thought of the puzzles I had worked at a child. I asked about negotiations first. Those risks and unknowns establish the borders of our puzzle. Major and minor risks are attached to the corners and establish the outer perimeter of the puzzle.

Positive job positions and goals, tenure, comp, and title are placed in this Inner external border.

Your personal goals, motivators, etc are placed in the center of the puzzle along with the goals and perceived outcome of the company reasons for their goals, objectives and allied internal procedures and contacts.

Using this simple method can help candidates to access and make a positive objective decision. The operative word here is objective.

The puzzle (decision maker process) is the simplest method to see any opportunity. The company’s goals and objectives, the risks, the prior attempts at success and or failures. But his process not only delineates the processes but also the endemic track record and the parallel success/failure ration for the proposed new employee.

An actual puzzle (success/failure tree) (written down) is always more valuable that one that is only conjecture.


The gestalt (law of simplicity) is always more than the sum of its parts.


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Bruce Dreyfus