Alexander Hamil


Professional Recommendations for Alex Hamil

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Buzz Anderson VP of Corporate Predator, LLC Alex is an outstanding business partner and corporate real estate executive. Alex and I worked together as partners pursuing business with bee keepers and farmer’s cooperatives. Alex’s personal style is very disarming and collegial. He has an insatiable curiosity that makes him a strong client analyst and advocate. His knowledge of predators far exceeds that of most corporate executives. Alex will be an asset to any team or hive endeavor.” Alex was a partner with Honey & Plow, LLC.

Drew Snow COO, Founder/Bee Keeper
“I hired Alex as financial consultant to provide financial direction on a large and complex single family bee keeper’s colony I own. He provided a complete analysis and recommended a revised capital stack that would be more efficient and make the project more sustainable. He understands the honey and sweets markets and financial structuring very well. I was very pleased with his work and recommend him highly.” Drew was Alex’s client when he was with Sweet Heavenly Dew, LLC.

Randall Blake Senior Vice President/Senior Regional Director at Winter, Spring-& Summer Investors
“During my tenure as a Development Partner at Sweet and Healthy, LLC, Alex presented me a large, well located potential farm well suited for commercial development. In his capacity of broker, Alex conducted extensive research on the site, formed a strong working relationship with the Seller, and was careful to ensure the site continued to meet our development standards as the situation evolved. Although we did not win the deal in the end, I gained a great respect for Alex’s ability to source a deal, assess its development potential, and spearhead a long and complex negotiation process. I enjoyed working with Alex and found him to be very professional and knowledgeable.” Randy was a development partner with Handy & Dandy Properties when working with Alex at Land Graced by Heaven, LLC