Research: Target Companies

You are looking for companies, not positions.

Information Sources:  You want to source the names of companies in your field. This is not easy, but it can produce companies, products and people for whom you want to work!

The sites below will assist you in your search.

GSU Library Site

This is a guide only. Below we present other websites and links that can assist you in your search. You are looking for companies, not positions.

We provide links to sites that show information about:

Compensation, People who run them, Company Info, Job Info, Housing Info, as well as SIC, Incubators, and SBA.

This page can provide you with your target list of people, companies and Venture Capitalists.

The information below is updated every 3 months. 01-19-19

Please recheck for new sources of information. Most of the sites are at the time of listing free to use when we place them on this page. DO NOT PAY FOR ANY INFORMATION. There are always new sites. Example.


Please only use the free sites, your public library may have the other information on subscription.  


Personal & Company Information: 

To track your job search information:  Cloud-based is best.   Best CRM Products       Google Voice          Glassdoor

  1. Google, Yahoo Calendar    Type google calendar in your search engine on your computer. The major asset of using this cloud information is that it can be referenced offsite.
  2. Outlook Calendar  I have found this to be more than adequate.

Check on the web for free computer calendar.




People & Position Possibilities: *****,,

Must do: Set up a google alert on the company, people or product you are interested in researching. 


Corporate Information:

Company Info: Use only free sites! Your Public Library might have a product that is free for the complete service.  You can, however, sign up for a one month’s subscription if you must to target your companies.

The best listings I could find recently was:


Resumes  Check out the other info here as well.

Other sites for company info are they are also subscription.

Use the free portion and then use the others listed here or (Free & Subc), or 

CAUTION: Information could be 6-12 months old, always check on the company’s website for more up to date info. Always check press, news or announcements on the company site for even more up to date info. 


Addtional:,, (includes SIC codes,etc) ,  ,,;,


Job Information:  Generic Search for building your company list or sales territory., , , ,  (Non-Profit), SIC check OSHA , , , 


Job Descriptions: 


Housing Areas, Costs, and Statistics:  http://www,.   Living Cost Comparisons

(Please copy paste the site you want to your browser) Most are free when listed.

Each State or County Govt does print their own list of businesses.


Standard IC:

Standard IC



Incubators in GA           Check with local colleges


SBA Info

Forbes List    Forbes

Educational Apps:





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