Secrets to shorten your Transition Period.

Secrets to shorten your Transition Period    Secrets #1               

 Your goal in Transition is threefold:

 “to get Noticed,” “to get Interviewed,” and to “get THAT NEXT job!”

In today’s world, your resume will not get you noticed!

  1. Remember, recruiters, find “people for jobs, not jobs for people.”

  2. Networking is great, but spend most of your time with people who are gainfully “employed.”

  3. Make your career objectives realistic and attainable.

  4. Always focus on the potential employer’s needs, not your own.

  5. Convert yourself from a “risk of hire” to “a reward of hire.”

  6. Accomplishments are always more important than tasks or skills.

  7. Find and fill the hidden “jobs and “needs.”

  8. Preparation often trumps qualifications.

  9. Always make one more contact or call today than you had planned.

  10. Be persistent and aggressive, just this side of abrasive.

  11. Be very organized; keep great records of your search.

  12. Transition is a sales/marketing job.

  13. Your goal is to have at least 18 opportunities working for you each two-week cycle.

  14. Transition is a process, not a single act.

  15. Celebrate the little victories.

  16. Refocus every morning.

  17. Follow-up is always the key to a successful campaign!


 Duplicate this page out and hang in your office while in Transition. 

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