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Monthly GTNJ©  Job Search Seminar On Summer Hiatus    Call 770-826-2218

Dunwoody Campus Seminar 

Summer Hiatus: Until the fall. 

10:00 AM -12:00 PM

Student Center:  Second Floor:  Rm 2110

Personal Marketing Strategy Program©: The Resume enhanced Job approach!    We are Contrarian!

Open to Alums between the ages of 30-65.  

“get That Next job” FREE Jobs Seminar

Our program is a 7 Step System. New presentations each month. Homework: Please read Candidates First Obligation & Harvey 7 & 12. Candidates first Obligations Results so far. Interviews, Offers, etc

Today the Employment Market is Ageist, Sexist, Racist, Fearful, Jealous, Angry, and Ill-prepared to see or recognize Talent.

Video: GTNJ© has found a solution.             

Speaking voice is a former client.


  1. WHY ARE YOU HERE? Introspection, etc. 

  2. USING our Research tool on our Website.

  3. Our PMSP program: Basis, Theory, Purpose, Truths, and Realities. The seven-step program! 

  4. How to approach a company without using a resume, job fairs, cover letters, or traditional networking or contacting HR?

  5. Painting Your Interview Discussion.7%

  6. Success rate.  6-12 Weeks    Senior Manager-CEO/COB or Changing careers/promotions

*87% of our clients get that next job in 6-12 weeks.

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Please reserve your seat!  



We would prefer 20-25 attendees.

If you are below 30 you can attend, but the discussion is pointed at alums who have 10 years of work experience.



Dave Cohen,

This was my third successive time attending the seminar, which I am grateful to GSU for providing. I have found the programs to be helpful, in terms of strategy, tactics, encouragement, and accountability.

I know the presenters drive in from points north. While the Dunwoody campus is more convenient to me, I was fine with driving to the Alpharetta campus in November, too.

One fact that wasn’t clear to me from the GSU communications was that these sessions have a sequence to them. Some information is repeated (which is fine), but the seminar is not always the same. Had I understood this, I may have started attending them earlier.

I have offered my feedback to Bruce Dreyfus. I’m glad to elaborate for you as well.

Thanks again,