Buyer’s Remorse: Sample

Congratulations on your new job!

As always, just before you start, we give the customary cautions—here is the last one. Enjoy your new position and especially appreciate the work it took you to get there.

Bruce S. Dreyfus
Managing Partner
“get THAT NEXT job!”

Buyer’s Remorse

This is a really peculiar discussion to have at the beginning of a new job. However, it is vital to your performance at your new job.

There are six periods of intense buyer’s remorse you can experience after you accept a new position. All of these can be especially severe after an extended period of transition or a situation with an exceedingly difficult prior work environment.

The first period of buyer’s remorse occurs just after the normal euphoria of the initial training period. In the first instance, you have been swamped by new ideas, procedures and the proverbial “land-mine” syndrome of not knowing how to navigate in uncharted waters without having a situation blow up in your face.

The second instance occurs just after you receive your first paycheck. You realize how hard you had worked for “so little” in return. You will possibly feel that transition was far better. You at least had the ability to do as you pleased. By the time you pay taxes, Social Security and medical coverage, there seems to be nothing left.

For the other four periods of buyer’s remorse, please call us.

Indeed, all these periods of reflection upon acceptance of a new job make no real sense and also occur regardless of what the circumstances of leaving our last employment were. It is, however real, palpable and can and possibly will affect your job performance, home life and your overall emotional health. Be aware of it, be aware that it is normal, and know that the feelings will pass. The questions below are appropriate to be asked about the third month.

The real questions to ask are:

Am I happy with what I do?

Am I being rewarded appropriately for my work?

Is there room to personally “grow” in my job?

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