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Find a professional job within 10 weeks! This is not an idle promise; it is a proven strategy. Executives, managers, specialized professions—anyone with five years of experience—will get noticed, get interviewed and be in a position to negotiate from strength.

Get a proven process, not just tips on how to find a professional job.     Sales Rules
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You are the product. Learn how to create a personal sales campaign to sell it. Even folks in marketing and sales find the five simple steps a real shift in thinking.

  1. Job transition is a sales and marketing job. It is a strategy requiring our proven marketing plan.
  2. You have to shift your thinking about who you are, your accomplishments and goals.
  3. To find a professional job, you have to get your materials to the decisionmakers, not the HR department.
  4. You must shift how you think about your credentials, and how you present them.
  5. You can shift the balance of power in interviews, with powerful questions we train you to utilize.

“But my recruiter says…”
This is a boom time for job placement firms ever since the job market went bust. Top-level candidates try to find a professional job by relying on recruiters. Even if the placement firm works for the employer, it may surprise you to learn that they almost never get in front of the decisionmakers. This explains why they place only 3 percent to 5 percent of the people with whom they work. Our success rate is 80 percent, with most candidates being placed in 6-12 weeks.
Stop throwing the Hail Mary pass:
You throw a cover letter and a traditional resume at a company, and then you say a prayer that it reaches the receiver. That technique is from a 50-year-old playbook that executives, management and most candidates still use to find a professional job. The game has changed! You’re now tossing paper at a computer that scans for keywords. Everyone has a recommendation on how to load up keywords. It isn’t working. HR departments are swamped with candidates. Even if you get past the computer, some human resources managers admit they look for any quick reason to reject candidates in order to make the stack smaller and more manageable.

Build your product, build your presentation:
Our proven system can be enjoyable, and it can be challenging; but it is most often rewarding, and the reward is that you find a professional job. We lead you through the “I’s” that result in “J’s” – jobs.

  1. Introspection
  2. Identification
  3. Innovation
  4. Interviews
  5. Induction

Introspection allows you to think about who you are and where you want to be.
Identification makes your thinking concrete, quantifiable and salable.
Innovation discards resumes for our proven tri-fold system and gets your credentials to the decisionmakers.
Interviews are turned on their head. You make the interviewer your advocate, not your interrogator.
Induction: you find a professional job and get the company handbook!

Career coaching to get you to the hidden job market
At high levels, it is not only a matter of who you know, but also of who knows there is even a job. Although candidates get THAT NEXT job without coaching, many of our executive and top-level clients find they benefit from one-on-one support. It is critical to get your credentials in front of the real decisionmakers, and that’s an insulated bunch!

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You can find a professional job yourself, or we can provide services for marketing you to senior-level executives.

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