Flat Tire

How is a flat tire similar to a typical job search?

While speaking with a candidate during a break at a volunteer session that I was running, this former vice president of sales—who had been in transition for the last three months—confided the feelings of frustration, anger, disillusionment and, finally, inadequacy and despair that have now overtaken him. He related that he was once “an enthusiastic and confident guy, now I am almost timid.” He confided, “I can’t even get noticed. I just don’t exist.”

After letting him vent for a while, as he needed to talk it out, I finally asked him if he had been to my website and prepared the documents in our GTNJ program. I then asked him if he had studied our short introspection program, which is available free on our website. Had he developed a presentation about himself?

Obviously, the answer was no. He had continued using his “network,” website submission and recruiters, and was now considering paying a “service” $12,000 to “market” him. When further questioned about the new marketing package proposed by the “service,” it was still the traditional resume. He was also considering paying another $5,000 for an “expert” resume and possibly $2,000 for a CD. Yes, you read it correctly: $19,000.

Why do people refuse to admit when it is time for a change?

I finally asked the candidate if he would change a flat tire with another flat tire, or if he would he just run on the rim with no tire. Of course he said both of those alternatives would be foolish. I then asked him why—if he had tried the same thing over and over and had gotten no viable results—he had not thought of trying what seemed, to me, only logical. If changing a flat with a flat was preposterous, then sending out more resumes, networking and online submissions would not work either.

I said that at the beginning of the conversation he had told me what the right thing to do was, and he just was not listening to his own good advice. The sole purpose in transition is “to be noticed,” to get recognized—not just a job.

BEFORE YOU CAN BE INTERVIEWED, YOU MUST FIRST BE NOTICED. Our PMSP© “get THAT NEXT job!” process is built on just that philosophy. Before you can sell anything, you need to get in front of the buyer.

Why buck the system?

Do not change a flat with a flat!  Do not send out resumes, or even the PMSP products blindly. Research, prepare, target and act.

A step-by-step guide on how to move from the “herd to be heard!”

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