The Executive Project: We focus on COB, CEO, EVP and senior level candidates

Our unique and powerful Executive Project utilizing our Seven Step Personal Marketing Strategy Program (PMSP©) is an exciting and proven approach to dramatically shorten your current job search and enhance your career planning options for the years to come. It is an exclusive Executive program. We provide a  step by step, proactive, focused marketing campaign specifically developed for today’s Senior Executive transition candidates.

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The PMSP© is a result of more than 30 years of experience in sales, sales management, consulting, outplacement, staffing, and recruiting. Follow it, and you will secure that next job in 6-12 weeks or less. Call us about our proven Executive Program 404-348-0429.  

Conceptually, our program is based on the fact that there are five basic integral components of every job search:

1. The understanding that 95 percent of all jobs are “hidden jobs” that never get advertised.

2. That every search has three components: the need to get noticed, then get interviewed, and, finally, the candidate’s ability to close and get that next job in today’s job environment.

3. Getting a job requires these basic concepts to be understood:

a. Every candidate must transit from being just a piece of paper (a resume) to being a real person.

b. Every candidate must demonstrate that they still have “fire in the belly.”

c. Every candidate must demonstrate “before hire” what they will be like “after hire.”

d. Job hunting is and always will be a sales job. Candidates should know and understand their products, (themselves) as well as the possible clients (companies and leaders).

The candidate is always his/her sales manager, lead marketer, and dedicated recruiter.

e. The candidate’s job is to contact the decision-maker, the holder of the keys and budget, and the visionary of the company.

Let’s face it, being out of work, and looking for a new job is hard. Like most of us, we’ve never been trained or shown how to find a new job. Worse yet, no one has even prepared us for what it feels like to be out of money, feeling as if you have no value or being embarrassed because you feel like you’re disappointing family and friends. That is exactly why the PMSP© was developed: it’s a job school!  It will:

Help you understand and withstand the emotional and physical battles that the job search world will throw at you,

  1. Provide you real-world, accurate information about the job market you’re in and explain the realities associated with getting hired

  2. Make available to you the knowledge, processes, and tools needed today to be successful in your pursuit to get that next job

The GTNJ© website is designed to lead you through our step-by-step process that will show you how to form your plan of attack for your search; design and prepare your credentials, and execute your plan precisely and effectively. It has been constructed to allow you to fully implement each of the seven components that make up the PMSP©. You will find it to be an aggressive, interactive search methodology, presented utilizing videos, PowerPoint presentations, and templates all designed to:

Separate out the real person from the paper person!”

“get NOTICED” 

               “get INTERVIEWED”

                                  “get THAT NEXT job!”  

Thank you, Bruce, for all you have done and the great tips below! You have provided me with outstanding advice from day one even though sometimes I did not want to hear the hard facts. Ha.Ha.

I look forward to writing you a letter of recommendation.

God Bless, Bruce Dreyfus

Warm regards,