HR is not a Black Hole!

HR IS NOT A BLCK HOLE!            Talent Acquisition People(HR) Requirements

Contrary to popular belief, HR is not a black hole—only your approach to traditional HR makes it so. The executive vice president (EVP)/senior vice president (SVP) of HR’s major responsibility is “talent acquisition.” Everyone else in HR has the responsibility to exclude you, as there are too many asking for a job contacting them via resumes.

Our process teaches the senior executive’s job is always to source and seek the best talent in the marketplace. The EVP of HR is no exception.

I recently heard a transition speaker talk about the black hole of HR. This concept is lunacy. Indeed, the speaker does not understand the work of talent acquisition.

Every decisionmaker in any company or startup—small, medium and large—is to find, recruit, hire and employ the most talented people, who are available for as long as they can keep them interested in the job. That translates to a a rewarding position, financially, intellectually and, in many cases, spiritually /morally.

The information below is a job description on our website that describes the responsibilities of an EVP/director of HR:

Title: EVP/Director of Organizational Effectiveness & Meditation

The EVP/Director of Organizational Effectiveness will be responsible for directing a team of junior professionals in developing global strategy for assessments, including but not limited to, structured interviews, aptitude and personality tests, leadership assessments, 360-degree appraisals and workforce planning tools.

This position serves as an expert consultant to internal clients as well as leaders of the HR community by providing sound guidance in the areas of selection, assessment, measurement, evaluation, leadership, change management and psychometrics. Consulting also requires leadership in talent management, coaching, organizational design, competency modeling, performance management systems and talent acquisition and selection.

As an example of what we are getting at, here are two types of job descriptions below, one written by a client and one posted on the Internet:

EVP/HR position listed online: 

Recent Job description:

Our EVP of Human Resources oversees all talent management and human resources operations, including talent acquisition and retention, culture-building efforts, executive and senior management coaching/mentoring, performance management, employee relations, and training and development programs across the network.

The correct candidate should be a strong business partner with commercial and financial acumen coupled with a strong creative intuition. You’ve got years of account and business leadership experience. You’ve got the network to build relationships with key industry players we want to join the team, and the passion to inspire a new generation of talent through our intern and campus programs.

You are able to focus on big-picture, business-building solutions. Highly adept at planning, directing and aligning talent strategy to organizational needs and business processes. In-depth understanding of with a penchant for creativity and innovation, and building out new capabilities while improving productivity and efficiency the relationship ability to make it all happen.

Yes, the HR system is possibly broken, but the executives of that system are not. It is not and has never been a black hole.

The HR executives are indeed some of the most influential members of any executive team.

They are a great point of introduction to the C-level circuit and the COB’s team.

They are not ready for the dust bin of history just yet, and possibly never will be.


We are proud of our contrarian approach.

As we developed our GTNJ program, we reviewed all methods that did not allow candidates to “get that next job” and especially those methods that did not help to get them noticed or secure a position quickly—and then we eliminated those practices or drastically changed how any candidate must or should go to market. You must go to the “talent” acquisition professionals. 

The result is our contrarian view:

We do not believe in, accept or advocate what has become most of the normal job search methodology. We reject many of the traditional job search approaches such as:  


Cover letters

Job boards/existing jobs

Traditional networking


Lower level HR or email resumes—EVP of HR or talent acquisition is OK!

Elevator pitches

Other than that, we are just like every other transition coach.

Our system advocates developing a Personal Marketing Strategy Program© for every applicant. 

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 HR is NOT A Black Hole

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