Transition Guidelines – 10 Different CEO TYPES

Rules of Transition             Read 10 Types of CEOs below!

Results—not just another business concern!

Regardless of market conditions, the “rules for transition” remain the same.

Transition is a full-time job.  But we can help while you are working.

a. Organize a space to work ON your PMSP program.

b. Phone (change your voicemail to a professional massage).

c. Your “paper” should be a marketing product—not a resume.

d. Use targeting sites or check on this site and prospect lists

e. Peripherals and handouts

2. Keep very detailed records. They become your life network!

a. Contacts, dates, and followups

b. Referrals

c. Leads

d. Results

e. Responses—email, phone, and hard copy—save all correspondence.

3. Take the weekends off.

4. If you are having an incredible streak of good luck, keep going. If it is bad luck, take a break, or give yourself the day off.

5. Read “7 Knows” on this site. Print them out and keep them near you.

I hope this helps. Remember: this too shall pass. But it does hurt. Help others now, not later. By paying forward, you are really helping yourself. Do not forget the lessons you learned. Best of luck!

We have a different perspective. Read below!

The 10 different CEO Types:

The 10 different types of CEOs or Presidents.

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