Water Walker:

Water Walker    Thoughts from an old recruiter. Especially written for those candidates 35-65. 

Water walking is finished. Hiring authorities are no longer seeking them. This page was originally written back in 2003 and was been updated in 2019.

I was sarcastically celebrating the fact that I no longer was getting requests for water walkers and compensation programs that were 10 percent to 20 percent below fair market value. I then stated that we must all celebrate the demise of the water walker (WW) syndrome.

Today, my coaching candidates are more likely expected to be a “floater.” That is a candidate who floats just above the ground, has more years sales experience than he or she is old and is a perfect fit in terms of application, travel, education, (sales) training, experiences, personal attributes, attainment of quota, stability, ability to judge a great company/product—and one who will take the opportunity at 30 percent to 40 percent below fair market value and think nothing of it. 

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