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Site’s Purpose & Personal Checklist

We do understand the emotional roller coaster that you are on as a recent or maybe not so recent job seeker and we are confident that our Personal Marketing Strategy Program (PMSP©) can and will help you Get That Next Job. 

This site has been designed to be an interactive career-transition action plan and as such will require your serious, active participation.  We wish there were some mysterious secrets that we could let you in on or ancient incantations that we could perform to solve your problem. 

The truth is there is no magic solution and no hidden secrets.  The fact is, the only “secret” is hidden in plain sight but most people never see it. 


Much of the PMSP©  is directly attributable to conversations, discussions, and presentations with candidates and hiring authorities over many years in recruiting and outplacement.  It has been constructed to get you noticed by a number of carefully selected, targeted companies in a focused and coordinated attack

Following the program closely will get you noticed by getting you past the “noise” in the job market.  You will bypass many of your competitors and move directly into the interview stage of hiring. The program does not insure you’ll be hired; but it will get you heard and at least noticed. 

The rest depends on how compelling your story is and how well your marketing materials present your case.  In the end, it is all up to you.

You will find the discussions throughout the PMSP© focus on organization, determination and preparation. The exercises, questionnaires, check lists, and marketing materials were designed to help you to get to know you, “your product,” better. Through these exercises you will be able to present “you” in light of your attributes, accomplishments, competencies, and potentials, not just dates, tasks, and titles.  This program will prepare you to GET NOTICED, GET INTERVIEWED, and GET YOU THAT NEXT JOB that you want!  

There are risk reduction discussions which are designed to help you help a prospective employer reduce their risk of hire which will increase your chances for interviews and employment offers. 

As we often repeat within this work, the program not only provides text and process to reveal the “true” you but it purposely also helps you determine and project the best way to manage you after hire which also reduces the hiring authority’s fear of hiring you.  People hire people, NOT PAPER!

At times you will find our content reflects a “sales flavor” and may even use terminology or examples from the word of sales.  That is not by accident because you see, like it or not, until you land your next job, you are in SALES! You are now selling YOU.  Use the PMSP© as a workbook and a guide, not as a novel or a textbook. 

We have endeavored to place each page in a category that makes the most sense and in an order where that text has the most impact. Use the sections you need.  The copyright privilege allows you to copy whatever you need for personal use.  All other uses must be requested in writing and consented to by Get That Next Job & Transition Compass® prior to actualization.

This is a very aggressive program.  It may make you uncomfortable at times and you may occasionally run into people who react poorly or rudely to your efforts. 

The question you have to ask yourself if “do you REALLY want a job?”.  If so, you won’t let these few “unfortunate” occurrences stop you. 

Our program works!  We’ve established an 87% success rate for our clients getting a job in less than 90 days and maintained that over the last 12 years. 

We present you with a Reality Checklist:

Why the PMSP© and the GTNJ Tri-folds/CLP’s   (C Level Program) system work:

Get back your identity and sense of value and purpose, which you think you lost with your old position; “Your Value Proposition!”

To be exposed to a non-traditional introspective interview with you. We do not try to put you in a box or quadrant.

Be able to demonstrate YOU as an opportunity, not risk to top management; “To Get Noticed!”

To be able to prove to family, friends and spouses that you are doing something creative, decisive & deliberate/different from the TRADITIONAL; “Pray, Spray and Chat method” which allegedly worked in the 1970’s.

To develop a personal sponsorship program in any organization that you target of their top executives.

To develop a Network for Life of top executives of companies, market places and products that will allow you to thrive, not just survive.

To escape the 4000 character per second syndrome of today’s ELECTRONIC search system and process

To flatten out the typical emotional roller coaster of a 2017 job search for those 35-65 years of age. .

To allow YOU to actually interview by listening to the WHOLE question asked by the interviewer so that you will be confident of your answers.

To be able to demonstrate why YOU are a you an opportunity/reward not a risk.

To develop your personal brand; and the marketing materials to get noticed.

To develop presentation materials to allow you to transit from a piece of paper to a person, to confirm your passion for working and the “fire in your belly,” and to be able demonstrate what you will be like after hire, before hire.
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Having said that however, Get That Next Job, Transition Compass®, its agents, owners, and employees are not responsible for your results and therefore will be held harmless for any and all activities and outcomes related to the PMSP©.

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