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Subscription Site:

Personal Introspection, Targeting Companies, Your Marketing Program, Implementation and Follow-through, Interviewing, Negotiations and the Life Network    

Our subscription section of the site is divided into those basic seven constituent parts of a true job search. Please also read the explanations below the seven-fold path headers. 

The program is designed to allow you to discover and get that hidden position that you want, at a compensation you want, with a company and C-level person that you want.

The truth is that we have thrown out all the old and unworkable parts of the job search and replaced them with this seven-fold path.  

Yes, we begin with introspection, because unless you know who you are, what you offer a prospective employer and why someone should hire you (ROI), you cannot hope to get that next job quickly.

Each category will soon contain video, audio, PowerPoint presentations, text and templates. We have taken care to place the concepts in a logical and easy-to-understand order, top to bottom and left to right in the order they should be used or read.

We have attempted to give you each learning module as a self-contained unit. The best part of the system is that you can review the presented information again and again until you understand or have mastered the skill.

We feel all the information presented is necessary for you to get to know yourself, the potential companies and the C-level administrator.

The lessons are as follows:

Introspection: Getting to know you! The job you want and the companies you want.  

Targeting: Choosing the companies and visionaries who run them. The how and why.

Marketing Plan: Developing a personal marketing approach for your unique candidacy.

Implementation and Follow-through: Your go-to market program.

Interview: Introduction to the Paradigm Interview Program, the “$25,000” question.

Negotiation: How to use the right tools to get the right compensation package before you even get to the negotiation stage.

Network for Life: Strategies for building a life-long network of executives for your job after this one and beyond.

Please let us know how we can help you make this work best for you. We are also very interested in your success stories.

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