NewTestimonials & PMSP Coaching Services:

NewTestimonials & PMSP Coaching Services:

Dear Bruce,

Working with Bruce and following the tools provided on the “get THAT NEXT job” website, I was able to land my dream job.

I was let go from a job and felt really defeated after searching for a new position for several months. After seeking additional help, I decided to trust Bruce’s career transition methods. Bruce and I discussed my next steps, my career goals and even worked on my professional confidence.

Bruce has a way of speaking life into his clients. His expertise is delivered in an honest, compelling and sincere manner. Bruce’s job search methods are unique, concise and will get you noticed.  I felt very prepared and confident throughout the interview process by following Bruce’s instructions.

I can’t thank him enough for the invaluable information I received from “get THAT NEXT job”!

Vanessa C’s Testimonial:    Sun, Mar 8, 11:31 PM (2 days ago)

-Vanessa C

GTNJ hacked the system of the Job Search!

December 9, 2019, GB was a rep and used our PMSP program in 2016 and is now a VP.

Bruce and Bob thanks,

GTNJ hacked the system of the Job Search!

The old “Resume, Spray and Pray system” for getting a new job is broken. The internet, job sites, sending resumes don’t work anymore.

Trust your gut; as Bruce says in person or demonstrates on the site; the old reactive job search method does not work.

Bruce always asks 2 questions upfront: “Do you really want a job?” and “Are ready to work for a New Job or Promotion?”

The methodology on the site guided me to success by teaching me their contrarian new system. I did the work required and followed the expert advice on the site. I rediscovered my strengths, my SELF-value and my belief in myself.

Ask yourself how you are doing by doing it your way. After I finished with the site’s Get Noticed section, I thought it would be better to do both methods at the same time; Resumes, advertised jobs and HR, as well as the GTNJ’s way. It didn’t work.

Then I concentrated on the GTNJ system alone and got a job offer in 15 days and started in 17 days!

Give a gift to yourself; subscribe to the site do all the preparation work and then talk to Bruce live.
Do you want a job?

Thank you,
Sales Executive 2016

Career/Executive Coaching Testimonials:

Innovative and Highly Effective   10-3-19

I have had an amazing experience working with Bruce Dreyfus and highly recommend him as a “Sherpa” for your search or period of transition. 

Bruce’s approach is differentiated, innovative and highly effective. He quickly helps you realize the downside of “traditional” search methods (e.g., sending out resumes, applying on job boards) and the wisdom of pursuing “hidden jobs”. He guides you through his unique approach to this non-traditional search method and gets you to tell your career narrative in a highly compelling and innovative way. His system is also highly introspective and helps you uncover the unique value you bring to companies, your true motivators and the factors that are most important to you in a job – which makes for a highly efficient and effective search.

Bruce is also a great strategic thought partner. He works with you to develop great strategies for getting the attention of and making a favorable impression with senior executives at your target companies. He also pushes you to go from “selling yourself” to helping prospective employers “buy” your services. 

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, Bruce is also a highly motivating and positive partner, by nature. Being in transition can often leave you feeling in need of inspiration and Bruce has truly helped lift my spirits on several occasions. He is also beyond generous with his time and does whatever it takes to prepare you for calls, interviews or big meetings.  I recommend Bruce without hesitation!

Bill C


As you will read below most of these testimonials are from our nearly 19 years of one on one career of executive coaching experience. Since there are just too many, I do cycle them from time to time.

Our program is based on our “get THAT NEXT job, INC” program, the Personal Marketing Strategy Program content and our “7 Step Marketing” approach that makes our one on one clients successful. As of March 2015, our new Executive Program© has had significant success for and with senior level candidates. 

by Chris Russell  

Best advice – ‘tell a better story’    See Chris’ 2004 testimonial as well below. 

One of my mentors over the years has been Bruce Dreyfus.  He taught me to tell a better story.  This was one of the most valuable skills I have ever acquired.  Not only for use in my own life, but for helping others reframe their stories and in helping companies position for success.

The art and science of creating, telling and owning your narrative are one of the most powerful things you can learn.

Originally my relationship with Bruce started in the ’90s when he was a recruiter.  He placed me at least once with a new position. More importantly, we hit it off, became friends and stayed close.  I felt he was someone I could trust.  Trust is important when you are making career decisions.

In the recruiting business, like many other businesses, it’s refreshing to find individuals who actually care about the impact the transaction is going to have on the candidate.  Too many times you know the recruiter is just looking to ‘move’ the candidate and make a quick buck.  The bad recruiters make you feel ‘icky’ – like you’re not a human, just another used car on the lot to be hustled.

Bad recruiters look at your history and latch onto what you are doing today or have done successfully in the past.  They don’t consider your aspirations, your journey and the meta-narrative of your career.  It’s not their fault.  We do a bad job of telling our stories.  We’re too close to it.  We need help.

Good recruiters coach.  They look at your story and tease out the good and great.

Bruce and I stayed in touch over the years.  We both played out our career trajectories. I transformed myself into an executive, founder, and owner.  Bruce transitioned from recruiting to career coaching.

We found each other in these new roles once again as I was transitioning.  I had sold a company and was looking for my next thing.  By that time Bruce had become a career coach only working with specific clients.  This is where he taught me how to tell my story.

Log into most profiles on LinkedIn and you’ll see the same old thing.  You’ll see a chronological resume.  Joe had role A at company B where he performed tasks and duties and had XYZ responsibilities.  Salt in a few dozen keywords and acronyms and you’re good to go.

The standard resume destroys your story.  It removes everything that is you and replaces it with commodity bric-a-brac.  The standard resume reduces the colorful, wonderful, brilliant and messy human that you are to a grainy black and white photo of a clerk.

What Bruce taught me is that every one of us has a special story to tell.  Every one of us can create, tell and own a compelling, interesting and valuable story.  This story will provide a much better picture of who we are and what we are capable of than the dead chronology of responsibilities in a resume.

How do you drag this compelling story out of yourself and own it?

It takes work.

  1. The first step is to capture your life and career in narrative form. Have your coach or someone you trust interview you.  Have them walk through your career starting in school.  Ask these questions at each stage or role and write them down.  You may find it easier to have an audio recorder running so you can keep up.  I have gone through this process with many people including my kids when they were applying to schools.  It can have an amazing transformative effect on how they understand, own and tell their narrative.


  1. How did you get into this role?
  2. What did you like about it? What did you not like?
  3. What are you most proud of from this role?
  4. What challenges did you have? How did you overcome them?
  5. What were the significant accomplishments you had in the role? Can you quantify those?
  6. Who did you work with/for in this role? What would they say about you?
  7. Why did you leave?
  1. Edit the captured story into a narrative.

As you read back through the responses you will see patterns emerge that speak to your strengths – to your unique value.  This then can become your theme.  Now you are able to retell your story as a powerful narrative wrapped around a value premise – your unique value.

  1. Share and continue to edit your narrative.

As you continue to work with your narrative and share it with others you will refine it and internalize it.  Now when someone asks you ‘what do you do?’ or ‘Why should I work with you?’ you have a ready story to tell in answer.

The ownership and self-awareness that this creates in an individual can be transformative.

Taking the metaphor of narrative further.

Capturing and owning your personal narrative is a powerful tool, but the concept of telling a better story is also broadly applicable to individuals and companies.  There are many situations where you can use this tool-set effectively.  Bruce taught me how to tell a better story and I have in turn been able to help others.

For example, recently a professional friend of mine was up for a big promotion in his firm.  He was worried about it.  He was talking about how he didn’t have the education or the pedigree for such a lofty position.  I immediately realized he was telling the wrong story.

I counseled him that there were reasons he was being considered for this position.  He needed to find those reasons, become comfortable with them and tell a better story.  He crafted an amazing story for his oral presentation to the executives that was filled with his success at facing challenges and his unbounded energy and leadership.

He got that position.  He owned his story.  He told a better story.

Companies tell stories too.

At the company level, we still suffer from too much feature-function technobabble.  We don’t tell our company stories.  Every company has a soul that goes beyond the feature-function of the product.  In that soul of the company lies much of the real value that the clients are buying.

How do you tell that story?  How do you get an organization to create and own a narrative that rings true?  Because if you can do that you clearly differentiate from the rest of your competition.

Culture trumps functionality every time.  Stories are what make culture come alive.

The best advice I ever got.  The best advice I can give you.  “Tell a better Story”.

Bruce Dreyfus still dabbles in career coaching and can be reached at

SupplyChainCrunch is the personal blog of Chris Russell.  Any similarities to persons or companies alive or dead are purely coincidental. 

Chris is a supply chain professional with eons of experience and the scars to prove it.  You can connect to Chris professionally at his LinkedIn account –



July 11th, 2019

Boy, this actually works within hours.


I hope you had a great July 4th weekend! I’m reaching out again with great interest in Mample Sugar, Inc. Per my May 13th e-mail, I’ve consistently driven business and brand growth throughout my career at companies like Tanach and I know I can add significant value to MSG.

I’ve previously applied for Marketing and Sales roles at MSG and despite being told I’d be a great asset by multiple people, I have not had success in landing a job. Most recently, I was referred to two jobs (titles/job #’s below) I’m very qualified for but have not been contacted by anyone at MSG yet. I have several senior people who can vouch for me – Courtney Gross, Tim Dever, Karen Mulky and Chris von Weymouth and I’d really like the opportunity to interview for these roles.

I’m reaching out to see if you have five-minutes this week or next week to discuss how I can get noticed/move forward as a candidate? I promise to be very respectful of your time and would like to know what days/times work best for you. Please confirm when you get a moment.

Best Regards,

Bill C

March 1, 2019

J. M.

Hi Bruce,

First of all, let me just share that I truly enjoyed the time that you and Bob gave us at GSU! I was learning, laughing and loving it all at the same time.

I learned that it was not me failing personally, but rather my process professionally failing. I was so excited that I stayed after the class (to chat with you both) because I was hungry for more. I realized that all of the websites, success/motivational/accountability coaches, books, CD’s, DVD’s, subscriptions, memberships and YouTube(s) were not working-not even touching the surface. I had no road map and I became very frustrated (as I am now). I felt myself settling for less than and I allowed my support system to drain me. I was slowly puttering and running out of Life’s gas. Yes, I did the Hail Mary’s and I took many of the personality tests, but I was still doing work with NO purpose, NO future and definitely NO advancement (as I am now)!

But then came, “get THAT NEXT job!” I was refueled, and recharged in a class! I thought to myself, “If a class can do this, what would the program do? “What would my life be like now and how could I be used to help future generations move forward?

You were copied on the email from Ken so here I am in need of direction, support and real results!

Will I need the PMSP or the Executive program? We will have to talk about that. I noticed your hours and that your availability was Thursdays after 8:30 pm. Shall I make an appointment or just call? I have included my phone number for your convenience and availability.

Thank you in advance for helping me get noticed, get that interview and get me hired in the shortest real-time possible,

Thank YOU,





I have had an extraordinary experience working with Bruce and Bob at Get that Next Job and their Guaranteed Success Executive Program© .

I moved to Atlanta from the Southwest where I was released from my position at a company I had been with for 17 years. I have not had to look for a job in almost 20 years and during my one year of living in Atlanta using all the traditional tools and strategies for a job search was still without employment.

It was not until I heard about the creative, non-traditional approach of finding the hidden jobs in the market did I see and find the hope I needed. The process you follow and tools available are ones that will seem awkward and unfamiliar but will give you access to knowing yourself differently, knowing yourself as a leader, taking charge of your life and doing more than crossing your fingers.

I landed in a job in just 5 weeks and am thrilled about my new start.

I highly recommend you’re putting yourself in the driver’s seat of your life and let this program and these coaches guide you along the road to your next stop on your path; fulfilling and getting the job and life you always wanted.

Thank you, Bruce.



Guaranteed Success Executive Program©

Testimonial for “” – Bruce Dreyfus & Bob Sandt
A Wife’s Perspective on How your System Really “Works!”

Dear Bruce and Bob,

My husband had been an integral part of a well-known global company that he helped develop and grow for over 30 years. Despite his tremendous experience, ultimate dedication, and strong individual traits of integrity, strong moral character, and hard work, he was laid off in a cold methodical manner. To say he was demoralized is the ultimate understatement. There was no “thanks” nor appreciation from the company. He felt “erased” and lost his sense of identity and purpose.

For 1-1/2 years afterward, he tried to get back into the game pursuing companies in all the old-fashioned ways we are told to do and all think we know how to do.

He utilized a job outplacement service for 1 year to learn how to move forward and go about getting into his next job. He wrote his resume and tweaked it several times.
He polished his LinkedIn profile. He went to his Tuesday morning Executive Networking meetings. He found perfect job descriptions online and called or uploaded his resume. And waited. Most of the time, he heard nothing back. Sometimes he received an automated rejection letter, which he joked that at least he knows he exists. Nothing was panning out. His attitude was sinking and hopelessness set in. As our life savings were disappearing quickly, worry and anxiety became the norm. It was a tough road and getting rockier.

Then at a Job Fair, I heard yours and Bob’s presentation on your unconventional “Get-That-Next-Job” Guaranteed Success Executive Program© approach. I told my husband that this was different from anything else we were hearing. At first he was reluctant (very reluctant!), but eventually, he went to one of your presentations. He was impressed with your unique ideas and “went for it”. You gave him a large dose of your candor and did not sugar coat the truth. You were his coach and his mentor and gave him much food for thought. You told him what he needed to do. And he did it, with his own customized proprietary touch. Week after week, I could watch his transformation.

He was just rewarded with an incredible offer for an Executive level position (over countless numbers of other candidates!), one that truly outweighs the place he had originally left.

Thank you, Bruce and Bob, for believing in my husband, giving him the tools to successfully “Get-That-Next-Job” using the GSEP, and for ultimately changing our lives more than you will ever know. I had a front-row seat to see first hand that your brilliant approach absolutely works. As I write this, I do have tears in my eyes.
With genuine and sincere thanks,



July, 1, 2017

Hi Bruce,

Here we go.

The Get That Next Job website is a self tutorial that you can work at your own pace. Once I realized this, I went full time into my contrarian job search. Using the website, I developed a marketing platform for my gifts and talents and was able to present to the CEO my value to his organization. Essentially, I learned how to market myself.

Once I went to market for my dream job, this search has completed with an offer within 16 days. I get a job in the field I wanted to be in, at the pay opportunity level I requested, with the job responsibilities I knew I would be successful handling. All for the targeted company in Germany I wanted to represent.

How’s your job search going? Could you use some help?

GBW more below

I did not use the GTNJ website. My father worked with Bruce and the techniques on the website, and he taught me to use the tools to prepare my platform to market. I was able to put together a job search that resulted in four job offers within a 5 day time period and I was able to select the job I wanted.

Now six months later, I am ready to go up and improve my position and compensation and I am using the same model.



Guaranteed Success Executive Program ©

April 26th 2017

I was let go by my company just before Christmas, and my immediate thought was that I would be able to find a new position within two or three months as I am very proactive, and being proactive was all that was needed as I had the experience and skill set that would be sought after.

I developed a plan of action but soon realized that information on seeking new employment has major gaps. The first piece of information was to ensure my resume was updated and appealing to prospective employers, and by that, I mean able to pass through most companies automated resume analysis systems. I learnt about keywords and structure, customized cover letters and ‘selling myself’, but I realized that I was an amateur at all this, so I paid to have my resume updated.

I knew about LinkedIn, but my profile was out of date and had very few connections (~230), and I learnt that recruiters and HR departments used LinkedIn to locate required candidates, but they wouldn’t be able to search for me until I was in their network. I realized my network was too small and my profile needed updating, so I paid to have my LinkedIn profile refreshed, and my connections boosted.

My overall approach was responding to open positions on job boards with my resume, reaching out to new contacts on LinkedIn for referrals, and responding to the few offers for unsuitable positions. I was working hard every day on this, but I knew that although I was busy and being proactive, my actual job search was not moving forward.

With this realization, I went to a local job fair to attend a presentation about the hidden job market. I knew this is where the real jobs are, but I had no clue how to form a strategy for getting into it. Bob Sandt, of “Get that next job” was presenting, and he was blunt, direct, and ‘no-nonsense’, but it was like a lightning bolt to the brain, I immediately recognized the truth in what he was saying. I had to find out the strategy his company used to secure new positions within 90 days.

I signed up for the coaching, and worked closely with Bruce Dreyfus, a ridiculously experienced and knowledgeable expert in the field of recruitment and being recruited. I followed the steps he put forward and almost immediately my mindset changed, as Bruce had predicted. I put the effort in to complete the materials to work the system, and when I was ready to launch, I knew a positive outcome was inevitable.

My success with the program was immediate as I shared my materials with a contact I was using as a counselor during my search. We had already spoken about the potential to transfer into his organization and all of these had been dismissed, which is why he was a counselor. As I handed him my materials to review and critique, I witnessed his entire approach change. I watched as he went from reviewing the materials to reading the materials, to consider what the information meant to him. He stopped reading, looked me in the eye, and said “I have to get you working with me”, and five weeks later I received the job offer. What he read changed his perspective and created an urgency that was amazing to witness – this is the power of Bruce’s approach.

At the time I started work, I had received no interviews from applying to positions on job boards with my professional resume, I had received no interviews from reaching out to people on LinkedIn with my updated profile, and I received one offer to interview from a recruiter who found me on LinkedIn courtesy of my increased connections. For me, the only investment that provided a return was “Get that next job”.


GTNJ hacked the system of the Job Search!

This is amazing! Please read these 2 testimonials that are actually 11 years apart.

Jan 15, 2016

Bruce and Bob thanks,

GTNJ hacked the system of the Job Search!

The old “Resume, Spray and Pray system” for getting a new job is broken. The internet, job sites, sending resumes don’t work anymore.

Trust your gut; as Bruce and Bob say in person or demonstrate on the site; the old reactive job search method does not work.

They always ask 2 questions up front: “Do you really want a job?” and “Are ready to work for a New Job or Promotion?”

The methodology on the site guided me to success by teaching me their contrarian new system. I did the work required and followed the expert advice on the site. I rediscovered my strengths, my SELF-value and my belief in myself.

Ask yourself how you are doing by doing it your way. After I finished with the site’s Get Noticed section, I thought it would be better to do both methods at the same time; Resumes, advertised jobs and HR, as well as the GTNJ’s way. It didn’t work.

Then I concentrated on the GTNJ system alone and got a job offer in 15 days and started in 17 days!

Give a gift to yourself; subscribe to the site do all the preparation work and then talk to Bruce or Bob live.
Do you want a job?

Thank you,
Sales Executive


March 18th 2014
Thank you Bruce!
Bruce Dreyfus and the PMSP system will enable you to bring your strengths to your transition. It will position you to drive the process instead of becoming “HR road-kill.”
A successful sales campaign starts with a clear focused message, an efficient/effective methodology and excellent support materials. Then you execute your campaign into your target market with aggressive persistence.
This may be second nature to us as executives and successful business people but somehow it is an entirely different story when the product we are selling is ourselves. Let’s face it, how prepared are you to sell yourself? How prepared are you to position yourself successfully in a competitive market? How do you get the attention of Hiring Authorities and stand out from the pack? How do you do it without getting stuck in the HR grind? How do you maintain power and create the future you want?
That’s what Bruce’s coaching and methodology will do for you. I entered transition after helping to found a start-up, working through the process and selling it as part of the exit strategy. With Bruce’s help, I was able to hone my approach, codify it and in less than 10 weeks to find another position that I wanted.
Think of it this way. Earlier this week I tried to fix a leak in the bathroom shower. I screwed it up so badly that the plumbers may have to come and cut a hole in the wall to fix it! Just because we’re smart and competent doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ask for professional, experienced help when we need it.
Don’t trust your transition to luck-let Bruce enable you.
Chris R

We are “your” Career “Transition Compass®!” We provide a complete Career Transition Job Coaching & Counseling Solution.

  • 2013


I have been meaning to send you this…..

I can honestly say that it has been a pleasure and eye-opening experience working with you over the past 4 months.  Your EXPERIENCE, wisdom, counsel, and candor definitely helped me in finding and selecting the best next opportunity for my career.

The system you use and the content on your website is tremendous. Its the type of stuff that can only be developed with years of front line and executive management experience.

After initially completing the “Harvey” and learning more about myself and what I was truly looking it became easier to build my “narrative” and C Level Plan (CLP) complete with key attributes, 30-60-90 day plan, and key background experiences.  The time we spent on the phone discussing strengths, unique selling points and then various offers and their pros and cons were invaluable.

In this ever-changing hi-tech business world it a real asset to have a confident and coach like you on my side to help me stay on track and make the right choices for career success and earnings maximization.

Anyone that is at that point in your career that has to make some tough choices on where to go next, and how to get there, would be very smart to talk to you first.

Look forward to staying in touch for many years to come. Have begun the homework for Start Anew and will be ready in June as we begin the second phase of the program. 

Bruce, I can honestly tell you this was the best investment that I ever made in myself. Your program cut my search time by at least 3 months. 

You were right on about the feeling of empowerment I felt when turning down those 2 offers that I got before finally accepting this one. 

Thanks again,

Tom S



I have been associated with Bruce for over 12 years now.  I have found that his program does work as advertised if followed rigorously.  Key factors are preparation, implementation and follow up – as in most efforts, what you get out depends a great deal on what you put in.

As I mentioned, I’ve been working with Bruce for over 12 years.  Sometimes we go for months without talking, sometimes we’ve talked 4-5 times at length in a week.  A lot depends on where you are in the process and what’s going on in your search or career.  I have maintained my relationship with Bruce while fully employed as well, and now consult with him when I’m planning to change positions on my terms.

I certainly do find Bruce’s counsel accurate and effective, but perhaps most importantly, personally as well as professionally valuable.  He is now very familiar with my strengths and weaknesses, and I will go to him as a sounding board before trying a new venture or project.

I’m not sure how to answer your question regarding executive-level networking – Bruce’s advice is very helpful, but he can’t do it for you.  I find networking to be very difficult, and I consider it as one of my weaknesses.  And, because of that, with Bruce’s help, I’ve developed a program that works for me and helps mitigate that weakness, and at the same time, I’m trying to improve that skill.

In summary, I highly recommend Bruce as a “transition coach”.  While I believe that I’ve moved beyond that with Bruce – I consider him my “executive coach”, but perhaps most importantly, a friend.

I’d be happy to discuss with you directly if you like.



Bruce here is my note to RRI.  FYI

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: KM

Bob, pls find responses below, but I can assure you I have benefited greatly from his system, experience, and his advice.

On Friday, May 24, 2013, wrote:

Hello KMt,

Thank you for offering to help regarding Bruce Dreyfus’ services. I’m looking for the following information as well as anything else you think is pertinent:

1.     Does Bruce’s program work as advertised? ie. from beginning to a job in 8-10 weeks? Key factors why or no in your opinion.

Yes – it did for me and I’m not finished using the entire system yet, more value to come.   Works because Bruce has figured it out.  It’s a lot like investing, most people follow the herd and are behind the success curve, ones out in front usually don’t do what everyone else does.

1.     What was your position going into the program, position you secured?

Transitioned successfully from longtime run with former company to a better situation with new company, came in very prepared because of Bruce.

1.     Were you comfortable with executive level networking before the program? Bruce says he teaches this technique–did you find this teaching helpful? How?

No, not comfortable, but have been thru enough of the new electronic job market to know there had to be a better way.

1.     Did Bruce stick with you re: advice and motivation throughout the program or were you on your own? How?

He was there every step of the way.  When he says he’s going to call and follow up, he does.   In fact, he was always my first call as a sounding board, tremendously helpful.

Hope this helps and FYI, even though landed I will continue my relationship with him, enjoy it immensely both personally and professionally.


Pls feel free to call me at……… if I can of further help……


Thanks for your time and consideration.

Best regards,


LinkedIn Recommendations

Dave H. has recommended your work as Managing Partner at

Dear Bruce,
Thank you for the help. I am looking forward to this Pooka panning out. I always like to play the long game, and this alternative path seems to be the ticket.

Details of the Recommendation: “Discovering your own value and transferable capabilities is the single most important and most overlooked step in any career transition process. Through his questionnaire and expert follow-up input, Bruce enabled me with the tools to self assess and discover my own value. His expert guidance helped me find creative, alternative ways to achieve my end goals. The methodology Bruce teaches is proactive and does not leave the job search purely in the hands of serendipity and the good intentions and follow-through of strangers.

He challenges you to take stock of yourself and take charge of the next steps toward your future.” 
Service Category: Career Coach
Year first hired: 2013
Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity


Handwritten Note

Dear  Bruce,

Subject: “Harvey100”   One Hundred Question Personal Review  

Thank you for taking me on as a client in “Transition.”  Even this early, your encouragement and feedback on Harvey  has been very helpful in getting me on my feet and getting my “groove” back. I am looking forward to working with you on the rest of the program!



Subject: Coaching

Bruce, you offer a point of view that is new, refreshing and hopeful. Your suggestions take today’s job hunting activities to a new level and challenges current practices. Why keep repeating what doesn’t work? Your seminar offers out of the box thinking to people who manufacture boxes!






I promised this months ago, and honestly thought I had sent it.  Then, today, while poking around my Gmail files, I found it in my drafts.

I just want to say Thank You.  Your system is terrific, and I recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in a job search in these difficult times.

For all of you thinking, “Should I do this?”; the answer is “Yes.”

For those of you who sign up, and, when faced with the exercises wonder, “Should I do this?”; the answer is “Yes.”

When you’re questioning doing the assignments, and wondering, “Should I do this?”; the answer is “Yes!”

Bruce and has put together a system that works to get you interviews.  And more.  It prepares you for those interviews and for the job you will land.

Should you do this?  Yes.  But, do it justice.  Give it you’re all.  And you will see results. And you just might learn something about yourself in the process. 

Thanks Bruce,

Dan S



We are “your” Career “Transition Compass®!” We provide a complete Career Transition Job Coaching & Counseling Solution.


Hi Friends at RUMC!

I am very excited to be able to tell you that this afternoon I have accepted an offer to be the Marketing Manager for the Atlanta studio of UA Design Group. They are a local firm that provides planning, architectural and interior design services for a variety of project types. Recently, they have been designing casinos. The firm is located at Galleria, which is very close to my condo.  They have about 17 ppl in Atlanta and the same number in Dallas, Texas.

It has been 2 months since I was laid off and I appreciate all the encouragement I received from everyone involved with Crossroads.

Bruce, I appreciate the words of wisdom you gave me the night before the interview.  I had 3 interviews, and this last one was supposed to be with 3 principals.

They surprised me with having an HR consultant attend, they also had me attend a separate meeting with 3 associates of the firm.  So in 2 hours, I met with 7 people.  But since I had spoken to you the night before, and attended your class on Body Language at RUMC, I had a few excellent questions to start and end with. And I watched the body language of each person.  This all really helped me with this final interview.

Please keep me on the email list and I will forward any opportunities I hear of.


Jana R



Dear Bruce and Monty,
Bruce, I am connecting you, Monty, with Bruce Dreyfus, a career coach who volunteers with our program at RUMC, who has offered to help you with your search process.  Bruce has had many successes with folks who have stood up at the RUMC program telling their story during the  “I got a job” time.  Monty, meet Bruce Dreyfus who has offered to work with you.  He has a private practice where he works with individuals to help them through the complicated maize of finding opportunities.  Please see his information below and contact him today if possible.
You are in our prayers.

Thank you so much, Bruce, for this generous offer and reaching out to Monty.



Tri-Fold Testimonial

To: Bruce Dreyfus
Fr: MG

Re: Testimonial for “Get That Next Job”

I first met Bruce when he gave a presentation detailing the concepts and the process behind “Get That Next Job”. I found myself nodding in agreement to everything he said. Bruce takes all the career advice and research and boils it down to the fundamentals, and has refined things so that, you, the job seeker/career changer, will be able to accomplish all the tasks below:

• Know yourself – With Bruce’s process, you will know yourself, the people who interview you will know you, the people you network with will know you, your friends will know you, strangers will know you, and perhaps most importantly, you will leave a lasting impression; and isn’t that the goal?

• Targeted Marketing – The days of applying for everything under the sun is over; You need to be focused, and in some cases, hyper-focused. You need to be interested. And you need to know why you are the best person for this position right now. Get That Next Job will give you that before you even go on an interview, before you speak to a hiring manager.

• Build your Network – No matter if you have an extensive vibrant network or it’s deader than weeds sprayed with Roundup; Get That Next Job will help you build and tap your network effectively and efficiently.

• Confidence – The job search process is tough and it’s hard to have a lot of confidence because it takes away your control; at the same time, you need to be bright, smiling and confident when you talk with someone. Get That Next Job, because it gives you that control, allows you to decide what happens to you. Not HR, not the Hiring Manager. You do.

For these reasons, amongst others, that I enthusiastically tell anyone considering this program to run, DO NOT WALK, to Bruce and sign up. It is worth it in many ways.

A short example: For an interview, they (the Hiring Authority) let me know it was an Internet posting, and over the course of three months they received close to 1,000 resumes. They then whittled down the list to a manageable 70 resumes and called people in for interviews. On my Face to Face day, there were perhaps 12 other people interviewing at the same time; I found out later they hired only 2. I was one of the two; You can do the math.

Was I fortunate? Lucky? No. I knew myself, I was confident, I had built my network, and I was able to explain exactly who I am, and how I can help them solve their problems. How? Myself, God, Bruce and Get That Next Job, and Family.



Subject: Re: Saint Mark UMC Job Network meeting reminder and details…

Hello Bruce,
I wanted to thank you for providing me assistance through The Saint Mark UMC Job Networking Group.   Even though I was only able to make one appearance due to circumstances beyond my control, it was one time that made a difference.  I was able to utilize Bruce Dreyfus’s tip about sending your presentation materials to the direct hiring manager to jump-start my job search.

I am happy to tell you that I just accepted a position (Payroll Manager) with Memorial Hospital in Georgia. I had sent my Tri-Fold information to the Hospital HR department and also sent a separate copy to the Director of Finance directly.  While I received an automated reply from the HR department, the Director of Finance told me that he had to personally call me as soon as he saw my material, he was not aware that I had also sent it to their HR Department.

I will provide additional information once I get in there next week with further job vacancies information for anyone willing to try their luck over there.

Please help me send my thanks to Dr. Dreyfus for his timely tip.  Without his tips, I don’t think I would have gotten this job as I would have only sent the resume to HR and probably will still be waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


Michael E


Bruce Dreyfus is simply amazing.  Working with him has been an awesome experience.  Bruce asked many probing questions to get me thinking in-depth about my skills, capabilities, and career experiences.  This process led me on an incredible journey of self-discovery.

Today, my self-confidence has increased and I believe in my value in a competitive marketplace.  What a tremendous gift!  I could not have done this work without Bruce’s help and guidance.

Since Bruce has been a teacher, sales manager, and recruiter, he brings a wealth of experience to his coaching practice.   His Personal Marketing Strategy Program helped to shorten the time it took for me to find a job.  I recommend that anyone seeking a new job – or feeling nervous about their current job – talk with Bruce to determine the next steps to protect their career.

Thank you,


Hi Bruce,

I never would have believed that a “tri-fold brochure” could have the effect it had when interviewing for a job.  What I originally thought was a way of differentiating myself from other candidates who used a standard resume turned into a dynamic marketing tool that I’m convinced won me the job and thoroughly impressed the executives at the company that ultimately hired me.  I can’t begin to tell you what an impact the tri-fold made.

And I’m totally convinced that throughout the job hunting process with Bruce’s coaching, his ongoing support, and his tenacity, the tri-fold made all the difference to companies looking for that “exceptional” person.  You stand out from other candidates and the extra effort you put forth in creating and tailoring your brochure and your follow up to your job search increases your confidence and employers see this.

While putting my brochures together I also discovered that I really did have a lot of offer a company and it made me think and work harder knowing it would only be a matter of time before I found the right place for me.

The process really works.  I would recommend Bruce and his program to anyone in any market…..and I have.





I am a former client of Bruce Dreyfus.  I went through the getthatnextjob program and it helped greatly on a number of levels.  I was in a mental & emotional stew…Bruce forced me to find the “me” that became lost between the time my position was eliminated and the couple years I was doing (things fairly foreign to me) other things.  After he made me re-find “my value.” Then his coaching gave me focus and, frankly, he made me do the things I don’t naturally like to do.

I think so highly of the process, I help him from time-to-time with clients and cannot recommend him highly enough.  It was time and money invested, not spent.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.





After 28 years in business and jobs with multiple employers, I thought that I knew how to mount a job search. Boy was I wrong. The search boards and online applications forget about them. Bruce’s PSMP helped me step back and analyze my needs and desires and help me refocus my search. The PSMP helped me get noticed and start conversations with multiple ‘C Level’ executives.  After 4 months and approx 60 Tri-Folds, I am now the Director of Financial systems at my new company.

During my period of transition, Bruce was an inspirational driver. (or a nice pain in the a..) He was available for conversation, guidance and help with the program. The PSMP has taught me how to reevaluate and present myself and skills. Bruce is a remarkable special person that has a program that works. All you need do is open your mind and let the transformation begin.

Charles T   NH



As per our discussion last week, the following is a testimonial based upon a recent series of events with two executives from the ……n-k….. Corporation:

Over the past eight months, my search process centered primarily on networking meetings and “cold-calls” to business organizations. Unfortunately, the only results that were on the increase was my level of frustration! After beginning with the process that you and I discussed, I began to notice a positive change. I found that I was able to make contact with decision-makers in my target companies. After much research and the preparation of two versions of my tri-fold brochure, I was able to successfully contact and secure interviews one two separate days, with two separate executives within the same organization. During my second interview, this Vice-President asked me “how I was able to reach without navigation through their human resources department?” He revealed that the brochures were very creative and that my direct and persistent approach was the very reason that he and I were speaking today! In addition, he shared that his counter-part was equally impressed and wanted to help me move through their interview process to the next step!


Bruce, thanks for the tools that allowed me to regain my confidence and, ultimately, my ability to better market myself in what is a highly competitive job market. Anyone asks you for a reference….put me on the top of the list!

Thank you,





I first met Bruce Dreyfus thru the Transfiguration Catholic Church Career Ministry. I was initially somewhat skeptical of Bruce’s unique Tri-Fold approach when I first started using him as a coach. He was with me every step of the way; from working with me in reviewing my tri-folds to making sure I was accountable for implementing the critical elements of his approach to my job search.

He made sure I was well prepared for both my phone and in-person interviews and reviewed the critical communications between the prospective employers and me. The debrief sessions that we did after each interview helped me focus on getting better at being interviewed.

The result of Bruce’s help is that my first career transition took less than 4 months to find a new position after I had already spent 6 months trying on my own. During that time; he actually talked me out of accepting two other alleged opportunities before finally joining a large software company. Unfortunately, after only seven months, the company went through an unexpected reorganization and again, I was thrust into transition.

This time, it only took me two months to find my current position using Bruce’s methodology. Bruce is not only my coach but we have grown to be good friends as well.

His approach works and most importantly he has incredible passion in helping you “get that next job!”





Thank you for your guidance and inspiration in assisting me in my next endeavor. Having a mentor and sergeant Hulka (reference the movie Stripes for you younger candidates) like you motivates and inspires a person to think, plan and execute a short and long term career strategy.

Like most custom software implementations approaching a company, its people and the job can be different. Bruce’s program is designed for individuals with unique talents at varying stages of their careers and life. Bruce puts you through this process smoothly but with teeth like no other, I have experienced. The books, tapes, research and marketing tasks keep you very focused and engaged. Having a weekly forecast call with him to review accomplishments and your next steps keeps you mentally in line with the goal. This is your business now. Developing your market appeal and attacking the opportunity to find your next position is “the business”.

I found this approach very beneficial to the psyche a person in transition. A transition can be a tough place to be but with Bruce’s business plan approach and his dynamic creativity you will get noticed. It worked for me. I would encourage anyone at any level in business to explore his program and friendship.

Thank you Bruce,





After many years as the volunteer leader for RUMC church job networking group; I thought I had heard almost everything I needed to hear to handle a successful job search. After some time with Bruce and reviewing his book I was able to put some of his ideas to work. I got instant results in using his questioning techniques to completely change the atmosphere at the beginning of each interview. I used it five times with two different companies and was thrilled with the way it changed the momentum of the interview before I was asked any questions. By the way, I got an offer from both companies!

Jay Litton