Transition Survival Gear

  • Purchase two spiral notebooks with different color covers.

A. Label one “Celebrate the Little Victories.” Keep this daily. Write down all the good things that happen as they occur. Refer to it daily.

B. Label one “Slam Book.” Write in this one using the last page first. Write the negative things down as they occur or at the end of the day. Never refer to them again.

  • Set aside a separate “place” just for your search.
  • Set up a free Google or Yahoo calendar account for your search. You will need this in the future for your real network names and numbers.
    Get out of your transition “office” at least once every day.
  • Search is a full-time job, 40 hours per week. (You do not need to work on transition during the weekends.)
    Find some kind of outside human contact at least twice weekly.
  • Volunteer somewhere once per week.


Do you want to survive the job after you get that next job? 





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