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Do not just be a “paper candidate”—become a real candidate!

Candidates are not merely resumes.

The truth is, you must understand the basic concept of getting a new job. It is your responsibility to attempt to remove or reduce risk of hire and increase reward of hire for you and your prospective employer.

Your preparation is paramount. Presentation is great, but presentation without real content is worthless. While in the job-search mode, you need to accept that it really is only a series of sales calls.

Your job is to develop products that are inclusionary, not exclusionary, whether you are currently employed or in transition. In 2012, resumes were used most often to exclude the candidate from an opportunity. Our tri-fold program was designed with the new ground rules in mind.

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Our approach is for both the existing/advertised and “hidden job” market.

Let us show you how.

“People hire people, not paper.” 

The home of the tri-fold presentation program. 

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