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C level Executives, please ask about our specialized program designed for your needs.

87% of our coaching clients get jobs in less time than the Traditional method of resumes.

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The office is open for new CEO/EVP only clients in the evening after 8:30 Thursday only!

Our basic premise is that, for the last 20 years, the majority of job seekers have been doing their transition planning with an old and outmoded system.

We based our system on the hidden job concept—95 percent of all the jobs are never advertised; the transition is a sales job, and you must know who you are before you launch your job search.

There are three basic ways our program differs from every other.
Before you can be offered a job, you must first:

Get Noticed: How do you allow the decision-makers in companies to see, discover, and interview you as an opportunity for their company?
We present detailed sections on:

introspection, marketing, targeting, implementation, interviewing, negotiations, and life Network.

Get Interviewed: We introduce our “paradigm questions” in this section, with the basic purpose of converting any interview to a conversation—not a confrontation.

Get THAT NEXT Job: Close the Deal, Get Hired.  Negotiations & Life Network

When you subscribe to the site, you get our full 7 Step Program for 1 year.

Our PMSP will guide you through an integrated interactive process to help you acquire a new job in the shortest time possible.

If you find it difficult to keep yourself motivated on your own or find following a disciplined, consistent sales program, you may find personalized coaching to be the answer.

How can we help you?

Executive Coaching Project: The Method

The Dreyfus “Theory of Value-Based Job Acquisition”: Personal Marketing Strategy Program©  An Aggressive Job Search. (Supplicant to the Only Applicant) Who can use this program and succeed! The Method!   

We suggest that you purchase or get a free CRM program for the information that you will need as you do your search.



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If you only look at what is, you might never attain what could be!

Get That Next Job’s (GTNJ) primary purpose is to prepare our candidates to be just that: candidates, not merely resumes. 

To say that you’re ‘seeking a challenging team leadership position’ might be true, but it still says nothing about what you can do for a prospective employer.
Gary Burnison

404-348-0429  bsdreyfus@gmail.com  

“Today is your first Tomorrow!”

We are committed to a resume-less transition sales/ marketing method.

If you only look at what is, you might never attain what could be! Anonymous                      

Our process, the Personal Marketing Strategy Program (PMSP©), and our Executive Method: has five basic underlying principles:

1. To help transit the Candidate from being a paper candidate to being a person. People notice, interview, and hire people with passion and provable performance, not just a piece of paper.

2. To reduce the risk of hire and increase the “reward of hire” for the company, as well, as for the candidate.

3. To provide a step-by-step marketing program to prepare and present the candidate’s real credentials, close and ask for the job.

4. The reality that “tasks are normally dismissed, but measurable accomplishments are always recognized.”

5. All candidates in “Transition” are engaged in a sales process.

The candidate is always the product.





Our basic premise is that, for the last 35 years, the majority of job seekers have been doing their transition planning with an old and outmoded system. See the new Resume 2.3. Use the Search engine.

Tomorrow’s job is not an illusion! If it is your goal; we can help!

Our get THAT NEXT job!” method is a very aggressive candidate advocacy program.

Our job is to enable you to get noticed, get interviewed, and get that next job in the shortest time possible.

Historically, over the past 30 years, our PMSP products have had a broad appeal. We have had via our website, webinars, and seminars a significant impact on five distinct audiences.

Our site can be used as a stand-alone product, no coaching for other than level one.

1. This program was written with the Experienced Candidates in mind: The PMSP will help them develop a series of marketing products about themselves to present to the senior staff of any company. “People hire people—not paper.”

2. All candidates aged 20 to 65 find this process very valuable. All candidates can use this tool to help them develop their story (paper and interview) to present to any hiring authority or to any current boss for opportunities for the first hiring position, to a new position, and or a promotion.

3. Candidates with great work experience and limited education: The PMSP tool enables them to express their dreams, goals, and aspirations, based on who they were, are and will be—not who they should be to fill a job description. The narrative/story portion helps them to see who and what they are—and why they have value.

4. People re-entering the workforce: The PMSP helps to reorder the way they think about accomplishments, competencies, and potentials (ACP). It also helps them to refine their story of who they are, what they can do, and how they can benefit any company as an employee.

5. Our client’s especially like the introspection part of the program.

Today is your first tomorrow!

Get Hired Now!  Stop wasting TIME, MONEY, and Energy with the old worn out HIRING system.

Staff Biographies &  Contact Information

Bruce S. Dreyfus, CEO, Founder & Managing Partner

Email: bsdreyfus@gmail.com

Bruce S. Dreyfus has spent the last 33 years in the talent acquisition arena, outplacement, recruiting, and career planning, and he has spent the last 13 years working as a transition coach. His prior professional career encompassed distinct-yet-related career paths, teaching, sales, sales training/sales management, and small-business consulting. In the past, Bruce has worked as an outplacement consultant, recruiter, sales and recruiting manager, business consultant, and vice president of sales in three different industries before starting Transition Compass in 2002.

He is also the author of various articles on sales, management, and de-hiring, and he has also been quoted in newsletters, periodicals, and newspapers. His books (2004-2008) have become the basis of this website. Bruce also writes for several websites as well as www.getthatnextjob.net.  Bruce is a sought-after motivational speaker when it comes to all topics related to transition.

Bruce is a sought-after motivational speaker when it comes to all topics related to transition. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in education and a Master of Education in administration. He taught English and social sciences for several years before embarking on a successful sales and coaching career. He has also earned a certificate as a Certified Outplacement Consultant. As a former sales professional, Bruce understands how to get you noticed, interviewed, and, more importantly, how to help his candidates to negotiate the best compensation package for themselves while securing that next job.

Bruce’s philosophy—his basic mission statement as a transition methodology coach—is “results, not just another transition concern.” Likewise, “candidates, not merely resumes,” sums up his vision of coaching, mentoring, and consulting in his 21st-century transition system. His step-by-step marketing approach for candidates, using his Personal Marketing Strategy Program©, helps get his candidates noticed in today’s highly competitive job-search environment. Do you want to walk on water or do you want to carry a life jacket? Our system is that life jacket.

To reach Bruce, or our main office, please call 404-348-0429.

Robert Sandt,  Former Client/Partner

We are sorry to announce that Bob Sandt has left  (GTNJ), originally as an executive vice president and principal transition coach.

Bob has been able to find a job using our system that fits his exact needs and role. He has over 30 years of experience in the management of both large and small enterprises and therefore brings a unique perspective and expertise with respect to finding a new job and career development. As a former client of GTNJ, he found the process so compelling and consistent with his career experience that he decided to invest in taking GTNJ national through this new enhanced and fully functional Web presence.

Through Bob’s ability to identify the right talent, he has been able to successfully guide complex technology development programs, initiates new product launches, and commercialize advanced technologies across multiple applications. His hands-on leadership style and forward-focused vision consistently delivered superior products and customer service experiences, whether executing component level repair support, production, manufacturing or assembly operations, or logistics and supply-chain management of sophisticated systems. Formulating strategies and executing capture efforts for multi-million-dollar programs while turning around failing operations has become emblematic of his ability to recognize talent and build strong, effective management teams.

Bob is a successful business leader with many years of engineering and business experience, having been CEO of Ahtna, Inc., the 20th-largest corporation in Alaska; Lockheed Martin Corporation’s Missile Systems Division, as the Vice President of Business Development; Magnum Power Systems, Ltd., as Vice President of Marketing and Product Development; and as President/CEO of Diversified Defense Industries. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering, and he also holds a master’s degree in industrial management from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He attended the Executive Development Program at Emory University and the Senior Executive Development Program at Cornell University.

We are very sorry to see him go, but he does remain on the board of directors and will still attend seminars and other events time permitted.

The PMSP© system helps to ensure three things in any candidate’s transition mode: That the candidate will be prepared for transition; that by knowing who they are, they will able to get noticed in today’s marketplace; and they will be comfortable explaining and demonstrating how they will increase the “reward of hire” and reduce “risk of hire” for any hiring authority. 

We are currently looking for the new coaching staff in the US and Canada.

“Today is your first tomorrow!”  –Bruce Dreyfus

“Tasks are normally dismissed; measurable accomplishments are always recognized.”

The Dreyfus Theory of Value-Based Job Acquisition: Personal Marketing Strategy Program for Transition Candidates©  An Aggressive Job Search. (Supplicant to the Only Applicant)

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