Continued Success Program: Explanation

Continued Success Program: Explanation

The “Continued Success Program “is designed as a replacement of the traditional “career path coordinator” that was a staple of progressive companies of the 1990’s and early 2000’s.

The CSP is built around five one half hour sessions. The CSP program is specifically intended to ensure success for our existing clients or new clients as they establish a new, thoughtfully planned career path at their existing job. It is an excellent adjunct to the PMSP and Start Anew Program.

The program is designed to allow our clients to objectively assess their “career” path to date and make course corrections if necessary to achieve their goals. At “gTNj” we believe in training our coachees to constantly review where they are on that continuum of career growth. This program provides the tools, exercises and materials to evaluate and seek proactively those goals.

Success is achieved through hard work, not just thru hopes and aspirations.

The CSP Program:

Each of the five sessions is one half hour in length.
1. The first session is a review and discussion of the client’s goals.  It includes homework similar to PMSP program.  Goals/Objectives/Motivators

2. The second session occurs one week later as a review of the new goals, procedures and objectives, discovered in the “homework.”

3.The third session begins to explore the implementation of these changes.

4.The fourth session occurs 2 months into the CSP. It discusses the reaction to the new goals & procedures implemented by the coachee and how best to handle points of concern.

5.The use of the fifth session is scheduled for 4 months into the new program.

  1. There is an optional 6th session that may be used  at any time.

The coaching fee for the “CSP” Program is $997.95.


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