Contrarian, Preface & Lessons

We are very proud of our uniquely contrarian approach.  2019

As we developed our GTNJ program, we reviewed all methods that did not allow candidates to “get THAT NEXT job” and especially those methods that did not help to get them noticed and secure a position quickly and then eliminated those practices or drastically changed how any candidate must or should go to market.

You must go to ALL the “talent” acquisition professionals. There is only one talent acquisition official, the person who takes the most risk has a budget and can make a decision.  The CEO or the COB. 

The result is our contrarian view:

We do not believe in, accept or advocate what has become most of the normal job-search methodology. We reject many of the traditional job-search approaches such as:  


Cover Letters

Job Boards/Existing Jobs

Traditional Networking


Lower level HR or email resumes—EVP of HR or Talent Acquisition is OK!

Elevator Pitches

Other than that, we are just like every other transition coach.

Preface & Lessons

PMSP Lessons

Our system advocates developing a “Personal Marketing Strategy Program” for every transition applicant. 

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