Real Job Market Change: 38,000,000 people unemployed and underemployed in 2020 right now.

GTNJ brings five paradigm shifts to the job search in 2020.   We can help Executives via the site & personal coaching who are looking for work. Let us help you. Otherwise use just site alone. 

1.Vital concept of Value/ROI, (V=N+A-C*R²©), Risk/Reward & S.A.L.E.S© to Job Coaching

2. Transition Compass©’ “get-THAT-NEXT-job”

Tri-Fold Methodology© “get NOTICED” and other creative processes to Get Noticed.

3.The Paradigm Questions© Interview

“get INTERVIEWED—Win That Interview

4.The Life Network©

“get THAT NEXT job!” and the one after that!

5.  The Business Reality of the 3 Day Rule© Contact with Hiring Authorities

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