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We present some sample free information, but there are another 300 pages of information on the subscription side of our site which covers more in-depth information on how to “Get That Next Job.”  

We have built this section of the site as a service to those who are in transition. Most of you will be able to build your own program using our subscription site program alone, without a coaching assist. We do, however, encourage that professional assistance.

The subscription section includes information on: personal introspection, targeting companies, marketing you, implementation and follow-through, interviewing, negotiations and the life network.   

This material was developed over the last 28 years. 

The site will obviously serve our traditional one-on-one coaching clients, and as of December 2014, we will introduce again our new and improved webinar self-coaching system.

Our 21st century transition search system!

Below is a brief rationale of our Personal Marketing Strategy Program (PMSP) “get THAT NEXT job!” program.

We are confident that candidates will no longer have to rely on the old and ineffective cover letter, resume and prayer approach as they seek that new career position.  

The following is a systematic, aggressive and coordinated approach to get your credentials in front of the decisionmakers of a limited number of companies which you have carefully chosen in your sales campaign for your new product: YOU!

“Tasks are normally dismissed; measurable accomplishments are always recognized.”

Welcome, and congratulations for considering joining us!  

A step-by-step guide on how to move from the “herd to be heard!”


Get THAT NEXT Job, Inc. has finally changed the paradigm in the traditional job-search process.

Yes, we are contrarian! 

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