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Bruce S. Dreyfus, Founder & Managing Partner

Bruce Dreyfus has spent the last 25 years in the human capital arena, outplacement, recruiting, career planning and the last nine years as a transition coach. His prior professional career encompassed several distinct-yet-related career paths: teaching, sales, sales training/sales management, and small-business consulting. He has worked as an outplacement consultant, recruiter, sales and recruiting manager, business consultant and vice president of sales in three different industries before starting Transition Compass in 2002.

He is also the author of various articles on sales, management and dehiring, and he has been quoted in newsletters, periodicals and newspapers. His book and CD have been well-received by the outplacement community. Bruce also writes for several websites as well as He is also a sought-after speaker on all topics having to do with transition.

Bruce holds a B.S. Ed. and M. Ed. in administration. Bruce taught English and social sciences for several years before embarking on a successful sales and coaching career. He has also earned a certificate as a Certified Outplacement Consultant. As a former sales professional, Bruce understands how to get you noticed, interviewed and, more importantly, how to allow his candidates to negotiate the best compensation package for themselves while securing that next job.

Bruce’s philosophy, his basic mission statement as a transition methodology coach, is “results, not just another transition concern.”

“Candidates, not merely resumes,” sums up his vision of coaching, mentoring and consulting in his 21st century transition system.

His step-by-step marketing approach for candidates, using his Personal Marketing Strategy (PMSP) © program, helps get his candidates noticed in today’s highly competitive job-search environment.

Let us help enable you. 

Think of it this way: Earlier this week I tried to fix a leak in the bathroom shower. I screwed it up so badly that the plumbers may have to come and cut a hole in the wall to fix it. Just because we’re smart and competent, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ask for professional, experienced help when we need it.

Don’t trust your transition to luck; let Bruce enable you.

Chris R.