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Planning for your Next Job

Preparation and Planning

One of the most difficult and most avoided tasks of any transition period is the candidate’s reluctance of real introspection of who they arewhat they want from a new job and what companies and executives they should pursue as their target employers.

Career changes are tough enough today with proper preparation; with inadequate planning they are nearly impossible.


Our unique introspection process serves distinct needs in the transition process.

Once completed it allows you, as a candidate, to:

Talk with and to yourself about your needs, aspirations, successes and, yes, even the failures.

  1.  After you complete the activities, you will be able to talk about yourself with anyone, at any level, anywhere and anytime, with authority and pride.
  2. Validate to “yourself” that you are indeed a good-to-superior candidate who is worthy of getting NOTICED, getting INTERVIEWED, getting that OFFER, and finally being able to get THAT NEXT job with a good compensation package, great position and doing what you like to do.
  3. More importantly, the introspection work helps to reinforce that you are an opportunity for any company. 

See Harvey 18 and ACP

In addition to focusing on the above concepts, this section will provide you with the toolschecklists and evaluative instruments that will assist with successfully building a marketing program about YOU in today’s highly competitive employment market place.


As a career transition coach and founder of this program, my challenge is always to get my coaching candidates to seriously review their career choices before they embark on that new path to securing a new job.

We all find it challenging to explain to a prospective hiring authority why they should hire us. This site contains an abundance of information and tools to help you successfully overcome that challenge.

Start making the transition from “The Paper Candidate” to “The Real Candidate” right now!


Let us help you make the right decisions and career choices.


“People hire people, not paper.”  Become a person of distinction.


The PMSP© program utilizes our unique tri-fold brochure presentation methodology. This system allows you to enter your next job search as a hiring authority’s opportunity, not just an average candidate.


You will learn how to use both the existing and “hidden” job markets.

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“In today’s highly competitive market, if you are in transition mode, your potential employer cannot fire you for being too aggressive, but they definitely will not hire you unless you are aggressive!”

“Tasks are normally dismissed; measurable accomplishments are always recognized.”


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