Promotion or Out!: Explanation of Life Network

Life Network: Promotion or Out!

Finally, networking matures! 

This concept may be one of the most important on this site. Learn how to use that  “network” of the real decision makers that you built during our PMSP.

No longer, will you have to be concerned about the reputation, ambition or possible competition of a networking contact or source for the job that YOU want.

Just as our PMSP system demands that you abandon the traditional “cover letter, resume and prayer method approach” to any job search; so too will you be choosing a new proven methodology of job networking.


Your job has always been Career Path Security,  Not Job Security, except it was always kept as a job search secret, no longer!

How to transit quickly from one company job to another, or from one company if you current job disappears.

This concept will be your Career Path Security.  Program is designed to start 6-9 months after start. It is both a new program and a continuation of the Continued Success Program.

Unlike the CSP, it is a 6 week subscription or coaching program and not a mentoring program.

“Tasks are Normally Dismissed, Measurable Accomplishments are Always Recognized”


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