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Start Anew

The “Start Anew Program “ is designed around five, one half hour sessions. The SA program was designed specifically to ensure success for our clients as they transit from candidate status to that of employee. 

The program is designed to allow you to not only succeed/survive but to thrive in your new environment. As a company that believes in preparation before embarking on any task, the SA Program is no different. The program is open to existing clients that we have placed and new clients that have just or about to land a new job.

The Start Anew Program: 

Each of the five sessions is one half hour in length.

1. The first session occurs the week prior to actual start. It is a review and discussion of the dos & don’ts of the first week on the job. The first session includes homework similar to PMSP program.

2. The second session occurs on Friday of the first week. It reviews what has occurred, covers the “back to work” rituals and the difficulties of “working” again after any kind of hiatus. We review the Blue Rabbit letter that will be sent to the candidate’s entire data base of potential hiring authorities in their “new network.” We also discuss the need to be vigilant about other “opportunities” that may still be out there.

3.The third session is at the end of the 3rd week. It is a review of the occurrences of the first three weeks, and the initial planning for the beginnings of the “buyer’s remorse symptoms that usually occur in the 3rd to 8th week. We also review any additional opportunities that have arisen since the start date.

4.The fourth session is at the end of the 5th week. It discusses the first year’s goals by quarter, and how best to handle points of concern. Again, we discuss the necessity of being ever vigilant in the “networking” with prospective HA’s and the production and dissemination of the second Rabbit letter.

5.The use of the fifth session is open ended, usually it occurs at the end of the 8th week, but it may be used by the candidate up to 180 days from hire.

After the fifth session has ended ; we are available at any time to discuss briefly your new job transition. SA Program is $997.95.

If you are interested please write or call us.


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Can’t thank you enough for this program. It will keep me from putting my foot or other items in my mouth. I think this is even better than your “get that next job” coaching. I now feel in control of my own career destiny.