Personal Marketing Strategy Program© (PMSP) & the TFB/CIP


Welcome, here are several of the basic underlying reasons that our PMSP© system was created.  Our Seven-Step Program is below.

Welcome to the Tri Fold Brochure Program and our unique Candidate Information Program. We have 3 TFB’s, one to Get Noticed, one to Interview and one to Close the Deal. See the get Noticed section.  Microsoft Word Example of how to construct a TFB.

As you will read below, up to 95 percent of all jobs have not been created or advertised yet.

1. The CEO is the chief talent acquisition officer of any company.

2. They have no real assigned tasks as all other employees of the company do.

3. The CEO is paid to think and to grow their company.

4. They cannot expect their subordinates to really tell them the bad news.

5. CEOs are the loneliest people in any corporation; oftentimes only their admin will tell them the truth.

6. Therefore, their real job is to discover talent to fill those concerns they have about obvious opportunities that their companies have.

7. It is understood that they have already exhausted both internal and external talent that their HR department has found.

8. Since C-level officers get little mail, candidates can use regular mail as a vehicle to “get noticed.”

That is your job as a candidate–to get NOTICED at a company that you want to work for.

1. C-level people will always hire the best talent, as they face little to no risk of failure for hiring the best. Below the C suite and EVP level, all other hiring authorities for the most part hire people that are not a risk to their job.

2. It is too bad that American companies cannot mimic/copy or adapt at least one significant positive of the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) system. MLM entrepreneurs hire the best talent they can find, not the “also-rans.”

3. Their “success” is based on the achievement of others, not securing their jobs as most American enterprises fall prey to.

We know that our Personal Marketing Strategy Program (PMSP)© works and will get you noticed, interviewed, and employed.

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