Job School: What We Are!

“Your Job School”

One of our original recruiting and then coaching clients coined the above phrase 10-12 years ago as we were converting from being a software sales recruiting company to a job coaching firm.

We had actually placed this candidate, serving as his recruiter several times over a 15-year period, and we have subsequently now helped him twice as coachee.

We based our coaching process on a program that we had built, a successful recruiting system that we had employed during the prior 10 years in recruiting. The system actually led to publishing a book in 2004 entitled “Personal Marketing Strategy Program for Transition Candidates©.”

As were participating in Chris’ radio show to celebrate the publishing of our book’s newest edition, Chris explained to his audience of marathon runners that he thought that I had developed a job school that used the same training techniques that all great athletes used. He suggested that we change the name of the site to “Your Job School.” He further said that was because we had the only methodology that was complete from introspection to life network. As Chris put it: the only complete program for getting a job on the market.

Additionally, our radio host went on to say about our process that he felt that many people know how to do their jobs really well, but that they have no idea how to change jobs or to find a job that works. There is no school for that.

Our approach is different; it is empowering and positive, a psychic relief in today’s negative job environment.

Built into our PMSP© approach is our 7 Step Methodology.

1. Introspection: Getting to know and understand why you have value

2. Targeting: Choosing the companies and the visionaries who run them (they are your target market) 

3. Marketing Plan: Developing a marketing approach and products to present your candidacy

4. Implementation & Follow-Through: Your go-to market and the “3-Day Rule” program

5. Interview: The Paradigm Interview Program and how to capture and win that interview

6. Negotiation: How to use the right “tools” to get the compensation package you want … Close the sale

7. Network for Life: Strategies for building a life-long network of executives … Never look for a job again

Our system is a practical, simple “how to” process based on the simple premise that a candidate’s first goal in any job search is to “get noticed” by the decisionmakers.

Secondly, the process is based on a thorough introspection and understanding of who the candidate is and why they are an opportunity, and not a risk for the companies the candidate chooses.

Thirdly, and possibly the most important, is that a job search is actually a sales process.

Our job as a coach is to mentor and not just tell, to allow the client to discover their true value and understand how to convey that to others.

Welcome to YOUR job school.

We are confident that after you join us you will feel the same way.

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