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Candidate Transition Interview Inventory (CTII) or Harvey’s Name 07-07-2015 WIP 18

Over the last 20 years, I have been asked often why this process is called Harvey. I guess the best answer is that the real name is just too difficult to say, although the CTII does explain the process and the intent very well.

Harvey is actually named after the Pooka or 6ft Invisible White Rabbit like creature from the 1950 film starring James Stewart. The premise is that the film alleges that the character that Mr. Stewart plays, Elwood P. Dowd is “crazy” or at least slightly around the bend, as he sees, speaks to and even opens doors and gates for Harvey throughout the film.

At the conclusion of the film, we find out that there are only 3 people who actually see Harvey and are really the only sane ones. The rest of alleged “normal” characters in the film are the crazy ones.

When we wrote the Personal Marketing Strategy Program (PMSP) process, many alleged experts and colleagues in transition told us that because we rejected the notion that Resumes, Cover Letters and Job Boards, the then current SPRAY AND PRAY method of job search which I advocated abandoning in 1991, that I was crazy.

Yes, crazy like a fox, I analyzed hiring patterns, interviewing, and the current HR impact and status. I then had data on why the currently used job search method did not work well from a typical candidate’s and companies orientation. A bad hire is a bad hire for the company and the candidate. As far back as 1991, as an outplacement consultant, I had a 95% success rate in placing my consultees while working on the DEC project in New England. As a recruiter years later, I averaged a 89% placement rate, as a transition coach, my 10 year running average is 87% of my clients get jobs in 10-12 weeks or less.

Based on my almost 30 year career in sales, I instinctively installed a sales approach to our recruiting practice. This was not rocket science, just common sense. I forced all my candidates to be engaged, informed, and active participants in their own search. All had to write a full bio, they also had to produce a verifiable list of personal characteristics and achievements. All of my clients, produced references at the beginning of our association, and also had to provide me with a full list of companies that they had already sent materials to themselves or others who had presented their materials for them.

I had personally learned and then taught; that people buy from people, not companies or products alone. In the hiring process it is the same, people who are hiring are looking for personable, engaged candidates with a successful record. Because: if you are successful in one job or venue, usually you will be successful in any of a like kind endeavor.

The PMSP© process was built under that format. When I first released the book, I was not just contrarian, I was confrontational. I have mellowed somewhat with age; but I am even more convinced now that our system works with any background, education level, and experiential base.

A nationally known figure in transition even accused me of “throwing the baby” out with the bath water, I countered immediately that I was actually saving the baby and just throwing out the “dirty water.”

Our PMSP premise is based on 7 basic principles; Harvey being only one small, but vital part of our Transition Program. Harvey’s questions are actually centered on the 7 basic concepts and corollaries to those concepts.

Your answers to the questions explain to you, who you were, are and will be, what your value proposition is, and allows you to choose the companies, bosses, products, clients and even competitors you want to be associated with for now and possibly even the long run.

Harvey 54 is a tough exercise, but if you really interview YOU, the PMSP will be fast, possibly actually fun and relatively short, but with positive lifelong consequences.

Are you ready for the challenge of finding out WHO you are and what you want to really do for a living?

If you are, join us, if not please use the old tried but “untrue” methodology that does not work one more time, then join us.

Answer this question: Would you rather get 20-30 seconds of the hiring manager’s attention or 1000th of a second from a scanner?

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