Seven Step Job Search Program

“Today is your first Tomorrow!”

“get That Next job!©” has finally changed the paradigm of the job search process. Our 21st century transition methodology is applicable to all candidates; administration to CEO, civilian and military, individuals or General Staff.

Our seven step job search path from our Personal Marketing Strategy Program© allows you to Discover Who YOU are, YOUR VALUE STATEMENT. Companies where you want to work.

Creative Marketing materials about you to Get YOU Noticed. A 12 step Implementation program. A new approach to Interviewing, and Negotiations and a program to develop a Life Long Network of Decision Makers.

As in any good Marketing and Sales program you are shown how to go directly to Decision Maker, the one who has the Budget, and who is ultimately responsible for Real Talent Acquisition.

Getting a job is a SALES Program. You are Representing, Marketing and Acting as your own Recruiter. Coincidentally, the product you are selling today has your name written on it.

Our Seven Step Program:

1. Introspection: Know you, your target companies, and their executives.
2. Marketing: Learn how to prepare “marketing” materials that will get you NOTICED. Move from the HERD to be HEARD.
3. Targeting: Choosing the right market place, companies, products, clients and competitors for you specifically.
4. Implementation: To provide a Step-by-Step marketing program to Prepare and Present the candidate’s credentials. Our step-by-step search methods will guide you through your transition process in a comfortable, efficient way that will keep your confidence intact and your eyes always on the ultimate goal.
5. Interviewing: Based on our 7 unique questions; learn a new powerful interviewing technique that will turn most interviews from confrontations to conversations. “get INTERVIEWED.” Know what to ask, when, why and how.
6. Negotiation: Learn how to negotiate from a position of strength to “get THAT NEXT job!”
7. Life Network: Finally, learn how to develop a “Real for Life Network” that will always be there to enable you to get THAT NEXT next job!

In addition, we have added 3 new programs at the end of our PMSP system.

Start Anew: How to keep your feet out of your mouth for at least the first 90 days.

Continued Success: How to develop a real Career Path at any company, agency or government department.

Get That Next NEXT Job: Life Network Program: How to transit quickly from one company job to another, or from one company if your current job disappears.  PROMOTION OR OUT! 

Guaranteed Success Executive Program: Let us market you.

We guarantee the process or your money back. Call 404-348-0429.