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We hope you enjoy the free pages and beyond. We would love to have you as a client. 87% of our clients Get That Next Job in 10-12 weeks or less.

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Below are the 5 types of people who look at our site.


We know there are five kinds of people who will look through the free pages on this site.

1. Those candidates who have given up looking for a job, but are hoping for a miracle.

2. Those who want a “magic bullet” or secret short cut that we can teach or demonstrate to them.  PMSP’s Magic Job Potion

3. Those who feel that they cannot afford our prices, even though it might save them 2-4 months of a longer transition. “Penny wise, dollar foolish.”

4. Those who have been told over and over, “ad nauseum” that resumes, cover letters, elevator pitches, searching through advertised existing jobs on the web, going straight to HR and traditional Networking, will together help them a job. Worse yet, that a perfectly written resume or cover letter is the key and candidates paying $25-$12,000 for those documents.

5. Finally, those who see the “sales logic” and real impact of the program, the “spray and pray” method does not work and cannot work in 2015 and beyond.  If you want a job, go to the decision maker, the one with the budget and the one person in the company used to taking risks.

But, regardless of why you are here it is a pleasure to help you use this program to transit from one assignment to the next. For those who choose to join us as subscription or coaching clients welcome.  No longer will you have to rely on the inadequate, antiquated and archaic “cover letter, resume, and prayer method of employment search,” but rather using our 21st century aggressive, step-by-step personal marketing strategy system program.

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